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Brooke Scott

Brooke Scott

Forget those semi-sweet erotica glamour models: Brooke Scott is all about bringing out the nasty whore in all of us. This girl is a certified cum junky and cock addict. There’s never enough hard bones around to fully please Brooke, and she only loves guys with balls that work double overtime all over her hot face and slightly chubby body. Brooke has a mature gleam in her eye but an otherwise young, and semi-plump figure perfect for heavy pound sessions. She’s got real lush C-cup tits and a thick juicy ass you could bite on like an overripe apple. She was born in the town of Eugene, Oregon, where nothing much ever happens. Brooke had to entertain herself by being the town slut or staying home alone and ramming toys up her pussy. When she finally got out of there, it was straight to the porn sets of Sin Valley, California. Brooke made a name for herself by always being the first girl ready to try something new. From her ball-busting scenes in films like “American Bukkake”, “Cream Pie Squad”, “Squirt Queens”, and “Un-Natural Sex”, you can tell this girl has a demon of a slut living inside her fun body. Every now and then, she digs it a bit rough and likes getting tied up, spat on, choked a bit, and violated. Throughout her career, she has swallowed record amounts of semen, squirted loads of twat-spray, and elicited gallons of cum from her adoring fans.
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Born: 1985-09-12
Birthplace: Eugene, Oregon, United States
Height: 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)
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