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Camilla Jayne

Camilla Jayne

Camilla Jayne has a smoking-hot tight body with a super scientifically engineered set of Quad D tits that absolutely slam through time and space to get your cock rocket ready for takeoff. Camilla is total swimsuit-model material, except she needs custom bikinis to fit over her perfectly spherical chest balloons. Even her nipples feel the heave of her rack swell so much they practically point upwards to the heavens. She’s a dark-skinned Cockasian beauty with oriental eyes and a mysterious aura to her slinky sex-charged body. Despite her exotic looks, she’s a sweet bird from across the pond in jolly old Britannia, where they would call her a Rusty, meaning Rusty Bike, because in cockney rhyme scheme, that means she’s a hardcore pussy hound. Camilla Jayne can dive downtown in some girly front bottom, and nuzzle her pretty face in humid twat folds, for hours at a time. She’s got such a taste for chick-hole juices, from the fanny to the arse, that she’s a genuine lesbo addict. She’s a fister, a foot licker and fucker, a scissoring sister, an all-girl orgy master, and she can do the bitchy dom demanding satisfaction, or the obedient sub who’s just dying to please. When she’s not doing the girly scissor dance, she’s ramming anything she can find up her own pink pocket. When you want the hottest girl-on-girl fuck fantasy, mixed with massive fake boobs, Camilla is your go-to gal.
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Born: 1984-03-20
Height: 5 ft 8 in (172 cm)
Weight: 0 lbs ( kg)
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