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Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra
We don’t need to tell you who Carmen Electra is, unless you just graduated from Eunuch University where you’ve been studying the mating habits of rocks for the last few decades. Carmen is pure A-list Celebrity. She’s a top-grossing supermodel, Playboy bunny, "Baywatch" veteran, actress, dancer, and TV personality. But we’ve got to have our own little say about what Carmen means to us. There’s an obscure sex tape going around featuring Carmen Electra. In it, she makes out with one of her girly girl pals, and sort of gets it on with a weird masked man. Well, that tape was probably some sort of branded celebrity stunt, but who cares? We’re used to seeing our porno veteran hotties lock lips and swap saliva with other chicks in hot lesbian action. It’s not every day you get to see such a mainstream name do the same, and believe us… it’s worth every grain of that homemade footage to check it out. Carmen is just such a natural beauty, there really was never any other option for a babe like this but to make a name for herself by just being smoking hot. With those tanned D cup tits and a hip-to-waist ratio that would make Pythagoras jerk off in his grave, this all-American girl can get more flies undone than all the tailors in Italy. With the release of her book, "How To Be Sexy", she just proves over and over again how much she deserves to be on our site with all the other super-hot slut junkies.
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