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The Pornhub team works hard for all you horny jerkers out there in the way that we so lovingly preserve all the best porn performances from days gone by, which is why we still cherish Dakota, otherwise known as Mrs. Clark. You may check out that footage and think it comes from ancient history, the way the film quality looks so old and grainy. That was from a time we call the ‘90s, which was no less filthy, nasty and filled with cum-hungry mega sluts. Dakota is one of the finest freaks from that super perverted decade. She’s a filthy-minded MILF who is constantly on the cock hunt. Nothing makes this blonde knockout happier than a big boner prodding the back of her throat and making her mascara drip down her face. If there isn’t a dick handy, she’s perfectly happy to stretch open one of her girlfriends’ hot cock wallets and go sniffing and licking in pink city. Speaking of colors, Dakota welcomes attention in her brown too, with plenty of filthy anal and ass-to-mouth action. Whoever she’s banging, they can’t get enough of her fat tits with her unique saucer-shaped areolas. Tight shirts starting to rip at the cleavage was just one of her signature looks, and as those fun-bags heaved to get out, you could hear the cum drop down the pant legs of every guy in the room.
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