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From the biggest country in South America, we present the biggest slut with the biggest ass and the biggest anal appetite for thick dick injections. It’s Darlene, AKA Delanie, AKA Darlene Amaro. She’s a true Rio de Janeiro gal, but unlike most of her country’s babes, this one doesn’t need a stitch of surgery to give her the ball-swelling dimensions she has. Everything about this dark Latina seductress is 100% real, from her ample bosom measuring up to chunky 34Cs, to her glorious double-hemispherical butt. Darlene was always a favorite slut on the beaches of her hometown, but this girl dreamed of one day coming to America and taking the country by storm… jizz storm that is. When she landed in California to get down to work, a slew of major studios greeted her at the border with contracts and hard cocks ready to serve her. She’s a big name at Evasive Angles, starring in “Big Wet Brazilian Asses”, as well as several volumes of “Big Bubble Butt Brazilian Orgy”. Darlene is old enough to play a horny, hungry cougar on the prowl, and even a MILF who’s just dying for a fresh piece of dick to play with. While she loves to fuck all kinds of men, she has a natural preference for Black dudes with ebony pythons, because they make her gape the most. When she’s not taking cream pies, she loves to finish them off in her expert whorish beejee mouth to get every drop of cum all over her face.
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Born: 1975-02-09
Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Height: 5 ft 2 in (157 cm)
Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)
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