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Denis Reed

Denis Reed

When flexibility and versatility are the name of the game, Denis Reed can contort his tight bod to accommodate any style of fucking you need. He can get his ramrod up and running to destroy some hot Euro slut-bags and penetrate the depths of their vaginal wonders, or he could just as easily get that bone blood pumping in overdrive to deftly enter some gay boy asshole. Denis loves to suck some meaty throbbing cock stick as much as he adores going down on some moist, sticky pussy. He’s just an all-around pleaser. Born and raised in the Czech Republic, where the hottest bitches compete with the hunkiest homos, Denis realized that swinging both ways would always land him the best slices of fuck meat from across the spectrum of holes and poles. At 20 years old, this blonde, blue-eyed Slavic Adonis realized his fit bod and hard wang belonged not only to his many playmates in Prague, but for the whole world to enjoy. He broke into the Eastern European porn scene with a bang, and right away was welcomed to the gay video world with open arms and gaping buttholes. Denis moved on to conquer gay, straight, bi-curious, bi-sexual, bi-cuckold, straight-bait, and more, with such amazing series roles like “Blow Him And Then You Can Fuck Me”, and “Wanna Fuck Me, Gotta Fuck Him”. With around 500 slamming scenes to date, Mr. Reed is only getting better.
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Born: 1985-11-09
Birthplace: Prague, Czech Republic
Height: 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)
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Also Known As Pavel Matous
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