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Dionne Mendez

Dionne Mendez

Dionne Mendez is not the type of porn star to take lightly, because this tough chica will eat you up and spit you out. Dionne demands pleasing and she’ll whip any girl into serious shape, training them to be her little pussy-lapping puppies. Although Dionne prefers getting her freak on with the ladies, she still knows how to fuck like a man. Give this girl a strap-on, one of her favorite toys, and she’ll slam and slay so much cunt that the attached dildo might eventually come to life and learn to speak just to thank her. Dionne has that nasty slut face with emerald green eyes that can see right through a person and into their soul. Her hungry horny mouth has that bad-girl curl at the edge of her ruby-painted lips, and the way she flicks her tongue is like a sex-seeking serpent that’s summoning poon. She’s got nice big grapefruit titties with hard little nips and a sweet, sweat-streaked cleavage strip. Her ass is a thick and firm piece of booty flesh that can sit on a face and smother it whole. Dionne loves pussy, feet and ass, as well as most other parts of a girl’s body. Whether she does slow and sensual erotica, or wrestles a bitch down into sexual submission, Dionne always delivers a steaming hot scene. This fan favorite of the she-bang genre is just getting warmed up to fuck plenty more snatch.
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