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Fabiane Thompson

Fabiane Thompson

Brazil has had its ups and downs. World Cup Winners, World Cup Losers, and all other sorts of fame and infamy. But if there is any chick who best represents the up-and-down thrusting movement of her dear country, it’s Fabiane Thompson. This babe is so smokingly sexy, quitters need to wear the patch before watching her action and getting their jerk on. She is so fiery hot, you could play her scenes on a laptop in an igloo and still be sweating away. Fabiane is a real looker with jet-black hair, deep eyes that will suck you in, and a mouth so sweet that your cock will need to visit the dentist after exploring its orifice. This chick doesn’t need to amp up her chest because her pointy little tits do just the trick. But what she really shows off is that ass which follows her everywhere. If she backed up into a room, her ass would enter well before the rest of her. Like her whorish compatriots, any fuck job for Fabiane isn’t complete until that snake has penetrated the depths of her anal canal as much as her spicy vajoon. Sometimes you can catch her eating pussy, and more often than not, she’s handling two cocks at once. The more jizz dolloped on this girl, the happier she is, and we are always thrilled to see her sweat-soaked and cum-swathed, and more blissful than a slut in a cock store.
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Born: 1983-06-27
Birthplace: Brazil
Height: 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Weight: 117 lbs (53 kg)
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