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Foxy Anya

Foxy Anya

Foxy Anya has all of the average goods to make for a clean, healthy masto-sesh to get your cum pipes nice and hollowed out for the day. However, Foxy also has some attributes that cater to some very specific fetishes. For one thing, she’s got super-long hair that can wrap around her thin body many times over like a black velvety toga. She also has super-long nails, often painted deep cherry red. You could imagine her giving another girl some heavy vaginal probing with those nails, or making some serious sex scratches on your back when you’re giving her twat a round of pounding. Born in Houston, Texas, to an American-Latina family, Foxy was always aware of her vaginal-moistening and boner-coaxing superpowers. She loves the taste of hot salty cunt as much as she digs the flavor of throbbing dick, while both guys and gals are lining up to take her fuck holes out to dinner and go downtown. At barely 5' and under 100lbs, Foxy makes up for her small stature with a massive appetite for jizz bombs. She’s a pure MILF with all the demanding sensuality of a mature lady, with a huge matronly bosom you’d motorboat and tit-fuck for hours. Spread some greasy sex oil on those knockers and watch her squeeze them together, and you’re in for some guaranteed hands-free splooging.
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Height: 5 ft 0 in (152 cm)
Weight: 90 lbs (41 kg)
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