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Gabriel Clark

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Gabriel Clark on top for breakfast, Gabriel Clark on the bottom for lunch, and Gabriel Clark all up in your butthole for dinner, with a shot of his cum for a midnight snack. This brutish handsome cocky boy has the thousand-yard stare in his eyes that can spot a fellow homo horndog and, as sure as gay sailor sonar, send out boner-making beams from miles away. He’s not the biggest or most muscly man in the all-boy zone, but he can still take a partner down in seconds and have them begging for both mercy, and for his balls on their lips. Gabriel comes from Montreal, Canada, which seems to be pumping out a real healthy load of gay fuck stars. With his cute French accent, he brings all the boys to his yard, wishing for some of his body fluids. When Gaby boy gets ready to fuck, his partners better do some serious asshole warmups because Gabe’s gonna give them a gape they’ll be dealing with for days. Gabe just loves sucking dick, too, especially if it’s seasoned with a bit of asshole flavor. Nothing pleases him more than ball hairs tickling his chin andwhen it comes to Gabriel’s famous sausage stick, you’ve never seen his mates gobble with so much enthusiasm; it’s like his cum tastes like every ass Gabe’s ever fucked, cooked into one tasty boy stew.
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