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Girth Brooks
Girth Brooks
Tall, buff, gruff, bearded and rugged, Girth Brooks is one power jock of a gay porn star. His action guarantees to give you some combined sensual butt-loving fun with some sweaty and nasty hardcore anal chugging. Girth has inches long as much as he’s got inches wide, and that manly meat stick of his always finds its mark at the back of some twink’s throat or within the depths of a boy-toy asshole. Girth loves the taste of dick so much that he opens up his mouth less for a blowjob and more for a throat fucking. He’s the type of guy to lie on his back and get his face humped to hell by a veiny cum-spewing long dragon, loving every second of it. When it’s Girth’s turn to get on top, he always walks away with a panting gape recovering behind him. Girth is a bit of a bear, and proud of it, sporting a furry chest and bulging muscles. He prefers to be a top but can handle himself just fine as a power bottom too. When Girth can’t find some man meat to chew on, you’ll be sure to find him pulling his long rod and milking his man udder for the cameras. This stud has dick on his mind all day and night, and if you also can’t get long erect shapes out of your head, Girth will gladly help exercise that fantasy for you.
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