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When you think about true dedication to the gay porn scene, one name, one cock, and one pair of ass cheeks stand out among everyone else. Hotrod is one fine specimen of muscular Ebony power. He has that million-yard stare in his eyes that can scope out a gay asshole just quivering for a pounding from miles away. His massive 11” bone can discipline even the toughest of macho sailor men, who would all gladly swim in a sea of his man-spunk. Hotrod could strut his stuff through a dude ranch and have every rodeo cowboy dropping their chaps to offer up their longhorns for Hotrod’s pleasure. He’s the man when it comes to taking an ass pounding, too, because Hotrod is one of very few men in the entire porno industry to have gotten himself fitted with a fat pair of ass implants. His smooth black ass protrudes so much that any one of his boy toys could use it as their very own sex seat. Born and raised on the mean streets of Washington, DC, this guy knew from the get-go that he was cut out for some serious gay action. At the age of 19, he was already getting bone-deep in man-ass of all colors, sucking dick to the hilt of the shaft, getting his asshole teased and pleased, and swapping warm wads of jizzum with hordes of horny homo homeboys.
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