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Jessie Andrews

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Sometimes, the porn world, the art world and the real world get their lines a little blurred and we’re no longer sure if we should trust our senses, or our balls, to let us know which is which. Jessie Andrews is a girl who straddles that divide between fashion and filth, although she did get her start as a regular dick straddler and pussy tribber. She is a perfectly natural, teen-looking sweetie pie with wide trusting eyes, peachy soft hair, a girly giggle, and delectable tiny tits. Aside from doing porn, she’s a designer, musician and DJ, and we bet it’s not long before she’s penning short stories or having photography exhibits like one of her precursors, Sash Grey. The truth is, however, that Jessie still owes her fame to the adult industry, and her performances truly prove her gratefulness. If she’s doing lesbian erotica, she eats pussy with such a curious passion and can really let her own pink flower open up for feminine French-kissing romance. Jessie also loves to get wild, hot and sweaty with some man muscle, and when she fucks, the tears of joy streak down her face and hit the floor mingling with her sticky twat water. She makes real art out of real sex, like in “Portrait of a Call Girl”, where her convincing acting and testicular-shattering fuck scenes cleaned up at the award shows. You might have also seen her on American Apparel billboards, but we recommend you watch her here with us on Pornhub where we promise you’ll get the full Jessie Andrews experience.
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Born: 1992-03-22
Birthplace: Florida, United States
Height: 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)

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