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Hold on to your balls, gentlemen, because here comes jive-talking, hot-walking, and heavy-ass-bouncing Kakey to squeeze every drop of love-spunk right out of all of you. Kakey is an ebony honey with a body that’s booming and an ass so big that it practically has its own gravitational pull, to suck you right into it. When Kakey plants her hands on her knees and makes that rump bump ‘n’ rumble, you feel the ground shake through your WiFi. There’s nothing small about Kakey, from her loud personality, to her hunger for dick, and of course, her swollen heaving brown melons. Those milk-chocolaty jugs are so massive that her areolas are bigger than most girls’ tits! Kakey has one more secret weapon: the wide, fat tongue in her whorish mouth, which is perfect for lapping up all kinds of cock and pussy. The things she can do with her tongue, to even the tightest of pussies, can make some cocks jealous of its prodding skills. Her tongue is so long that it’s made it into some of the most unlikely of buttholes. For example, it was a bit of a scandal when Kakey claimed she was the first-class guest of one of Toronto’s favorite sons of Hip Hop who bided her to get nasty all up inside his junk. Along with her curvy sistas, Pinky and The Body, Kakey is a mega Ebony-booty sensation, whose suck shows and fuck fiestas are absolute nut gorgers.
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Birthplace: New York City, New York, United States
Height: 5 ft 1 in (156 cm)
Weight: 0 lbs ( kg)

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