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Liz Vicious

Liz Vicious

If you’re thinking of a chick both into punk and spunk, then you must have Liz Vicious on your mind. If you believe that a babe who does goth loves some of that dick froth, then you’re surely talking about Liz Vicious. If you just want to see a tight sexy chick who isn’t afraid to go all alternative on your ass, and with a dick up hers, then for sure there’s no other chick than Liz Vicious. Whether she’s bright blonde, deep red or jet black, her pretty little face is always betraying a twisted mind when it comes to coaxing dicks into the tent pole position. She has that gorgeous pale skin that sends shivers to your balls, perfectly natural little tits, and knows how to rock outfits ranging from leather to latex to duct tape. Whether it’s some dark nasty basement kink you want, or some ritualistic flower power in the woods perversion, that you’re into, Liz Vicious is that kind of fantasy girl. But don’t think that she’s so dark that she broods all the time and doesn’t have any fun. When this girl gets a whiff of a hot snatch or a swollen dick, she’s in seventh heaven, and sucks twat and cock like it was her favorite candy dish. She’s a solo performing princess of darkness and knows just what toys go best where, and doesn’t stop until the camera risks short-circuiting from her wetness. There’s been some shady business surrounding fake Liz Vicious websites in the past, which is why we invite you here with us at Pornhub to get all the authentic Vicious fuck fantasy films you could ever desire.
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Born: 1987-10-31
Birthplace: Miami Beach, Florida, United States
Height: 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
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