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Lucy Summers

Lucy Summers

Lucy Summers is an English glamour model, fetish model, porn star, and cam girl. It’s a shame she doesn’t star in more hardcore action because she’s the kind of whore who could go really far in the biz. Blonde and tall, with a belly button ring and tramp stamp, she’s the ideal strumpet to knock one out to. Don’t worry, she does take off her clothes for a living; it’s not like she’s a nun or anything. It’s just rare to catch Lucy on-screen deepthroating a big dong, or getting her quim hammered, or her arse reamed. And that’s too bad because she has what it takes. We’ll just have to make do with the flicks she does have. She mostly dykes it out with other busty British babes and also loves to dress up in revealing, playful latex fetish outfits, and dildo her pussy until cum runs down her long legs. Another reason we want to view her in harder flicks is that filthy mouth of hers. While some girls are less than creative with their dirty talk, she can spew out poetic profanity that thrills us almost as much as watching her flick her clit. We’d love to see Lucy Summers’ stream of tantalizing words be interrupted by a monster-sized cock stuffed right in her pretty pie hole, but nonetheless, we’ve still got some amazing stuff by Lucy on Pornhub.
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Birthplace: United States
Height: 0 ft 0 in ( cm)
Weight: 0 lbs ( kg)
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