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Marco Rivera

Marco Rivera

Once upon a time, Havana was America’s playground. Now, Havana-born hunk Marco Rivera is making America’s sluts and bitches the playground for his cock. Marco is the Cuban sensation of vaginal and anal slayers. This guy gets those girls dropping to their knees so quickly, he’s often kind enough to bring them kneepads. When those honeys witness the magic bulge in his pants twitch and grow, they go from being rational ladies to primal cock-hunting beasts. Marco always manages to keep plenty of erectile power to satisfy every chick who spreads herself open to receive his pounding. He also has extra reserves of jizz to make sure no face goes uncovered, no tits un-splattered, and no pussy un-cream-pied. When Marco was growing up in Havana, strolling down the Malecon or shopping in La Vieja, he had the privilege of being surrounded by the bountiful variety of sexy bitches that the Caribbean has to offer: from light-brown caramel Latinas, to deep-black sexy booty babes, and everything in between, including tons of Canadian and European tourists. He learned from an early age how to seduce the snatch into blossoming like a flower. Of course, it didn’t hurt his cause that he packs a monster shlong and wields it like a pro swordsman. We all love our hot porn bitches, but without the right guys to give them the deep dick service they crave, we’d only have half the fun watching, so thank you, Marco Rivera.
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Born: 1982-02-24
Birthplace: Havana, Cuba
Height: 6 ft 1 in (185 cm)
Weight: 174 lbs (79 kg)
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