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Megan Coxxx

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Hold on to your wank sticks, mates, because this sly brunette from England will make your noggins get all up in a tizzy and your bollocks get as swollen as a pair of XL sausage balls. Megan Coxxx may have chosen her name to mimic that of the Transformers actress’, but we much prefer the XXX version, because her acting skills include fully convincing orgasmic scenes that will convince your dick to drip out some orgasm juice of its own. Megan is one super babe with a tight body that can squirm right into your wet dreams and leave you aching. Her natural tits are just the right size for her figure and will make the palms of your hand tingle just to manhandle them. Megan’s got a firm little seat cushion on her that holds itself up and invites you to squeeze your face in between those tight cheeks. At 5’10”, she’s no shorty, and can dominate her men or her little lesbian playthings. Even though Megan’s body is fit and her vajoon is tighter than a pinhole, when she starts working it, you’d be amazed by the size of her toys she rams up there. It’s all preparation for her fantastic screw skills where she really coaxes those bones to get at the inner depths of her joy hole. Megan loves cock and cum so much that she’s most at home on her knees surrounded by a gang of horny meat beaters just waiting to shower her in some testicular love.
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Born: 1989-09-13
Birthplace: Southampton
Height: 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)

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