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Michael Lucas

Michael Lucas

Michael Lucas is one of the most exciting gay porn actors working today. It’s not just his chiseled good looks, his incredibly hard cock, his powerful thrusting power, and his rich and frothy wads, that make him a living legend. Michael is also a writer, director, lawyer, activist, and public figure representing the power and awesomeness of the global homo-humping community. Michael was born in Russia to orthodox Jewish parents. He fought a lot of discrimination growing up, but that never deterred him from his goal of bringing mad justice and mad ass-banging to the world. He left Russia and found himself on his knees or on his back in some freaky German gay porn movies, where he got a taste of some uncircumcised cock, and found his ultimate calling. From there, he went on to French porn, and soon to the USA, where his famous anus was already in high demand. Michael started his own porn studio, allowing him the freedom and creativity to do whatever he pleases. Michael prefers to go top, but he’s still open to taking it like a happy bottom. He does some mild watersports when it pleases him, and is always down to experiment with other fetishes. Michael digs the occasional big black dick, and those homeboys do love his circumcised Jewish wiener. If you’re looking for a smart, handsome, powerful figure to properly demonstrate gay cock-sucking and anal-reaming talent, then Michael Lucas will fill that gape with his kosher meat stick.
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