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Ms Cleo

Ms Cleo

Let’s not get mixed up here… Ms Cleo is nothing at all like the phony Jamaican psychic we’ve all seen on late night TV. We’re talking about Ms Cleo, the booming black booty mama porn slut. Ms Cleo makes no claims at being able to read our minds, because she knows what’s on our minds from the way she reads the bulges in our pants. When Cleo bends forward to touch her toes, her chunky, rippling butt cheeks just can’t help but wave hello and beckon you over to get some serious handfuls of that phatness. A true-to-life MILF, Ms Cleo’s thick milky jugs are a testament to the benefits of childrearing. Already a superstar with all the major Ebony studios like Evasive Angles, Black Market Entertainment, and West Coast Productions, every fan of thick dark booty should have Ms Cleo’s entire filmography memorized. Ms Cleo is a representative of Oakland, CA, whose West Coast style and attitude has served her well in her manhandling and pussy-owning. When she sits on a girl’s face, it’s like her ass was meant to be there all along. When guys slide their cocks between her rack, it’s like a two-person jetfighter landing in the Grand Canyon. Nothing about Ms Cleo is small, least of all her appetite for jizzy desserts. She’s one fine example of how some chicks just get better with age and girth.
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