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Mz Booty

Mz Booty

Everyone hates false advertising, but lucky for you, this girl who sells herself as Mz Booty is sure to provide A1-quality phat-ass insanity. Mz Booty is an Ebony BBW with an ass so big, the camera crews filming her have to use some serious wide-angle lenses. Her two ass cheeks are like a planetary collision, always ending with an eruption of sweaty, smack-heavy hotness. Only the longest dicks in the biz can penetrate those luscious, rippling cheeks to get through to her fuck holes. Booty also rocks a pair of 42 DD melons that help this plumper stay balanced when she’s strutting her stuff around town. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, where the motto is ‘the bigger the better’, Mz Booty soon had the whole town tipping their cowboy hats and clicking their boots when she flaunted her largess in the rear division. At 22 years old, she knew the path to orgasmic enlightenment would only come from doing hardcore porn. She’s become a favorite with Evasive Angel studios and shoots tons of scenes with her pal Pinky – another Black booty queen. Booty loves nothing more than getting her ass cheeks oiled up, requiring an industrial supply of sex lube to cover every fold of tush flesh. Once she’s done with her classic butt tease dance, Mz B deepthroats those afro anacondas, before taking a serious flesh pounding, always ending with a hefty facial.
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