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Nicole Grey

Nicole Grey

Nicole Grey might have chosen a colorless name for herself, but this spunky little hellcat will certainly add some serious Technicolor to the spectrum of your wet and sticky dreamscape. She’s one fun little slut who’s in the game mostly for all the free cock and pussy we could throw at her. Despite having a light little body, this girl is always ready for some hard-hitting fuck jobs, and with her youthful enthusiasm for cock-riding, she never gets tired before her man has drained himself of energy and sweet jizz bombs. Nicole is a Latina love machine, and that’s why she’s got a bit of a sexy temper when she’s not being fed mouthfuls of chorizo bone. Her adorable pussy is like a spicy pink taco that could always use some sizzling beef sticks to fill it. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, where the chiquitas are used to roaming the boardwalks half-naked, Nicole was always proud to show off her cute A-cup bee-sting tits. Before getting into hardcore, this babe was only interested in rollerblading around town and collecting catcalls and whistles, before partying on the beach all night and waking up next to a couple of satisfied dudes. Her first foray into the biz focused mostly on the Teen and Latina genres, but with a few more years under her belt, she’ll almost certainly graduate to levels of all kinds of nasty versatility.
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Born: 1988-12-01
Birthplace: Miami, Florida, United States
Height: 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Weight: 93 lbs (42 kg)
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