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Ree Petra

Ree Petra

Ree Petra is such a strong, hardcore, nasty and hungry slut that she scares people, while at the same time making them surrender their soaking wet snatches or aching boners to her as playthings. This babe is an absolute boy-eater and girl-devourer, and nobody escapes her clutches without being completely drained of every drop of fuck juice they have. Ree hails from London, England, where the girls have centuries more experience in knowing what they want when it comes to getting off. Growing up in London’s grey, foggy, and soot-filled atmosphere made Ree dream of the bright sunny life that could be hers if only she could figure out what to do. Asking herself what her destiny was, while looking at her reflection in the mirror, she realized her hotness was making even herself wet, and proceeded to rub her clit until she passed out in ecstasy. When she came to, she realized that her fate was to become one of the filthiest and nastiest fuck stars in the biz. With her surgically enhanced rack and her vacuum-like pussy to suck people in, her career launched fast and furiously. Ree has since mastered the art of the blowjob, and eats out sweaty twat like no other. Ree has since developed a love for cum and needs regular money-shots just so she can mix it up between her face, tits, ass, in a creampie, or down her whorish throat.
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Birthplace: United Kingdom
Height: 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Weight: 0 lbs ( kg)
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