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Renata Daninsky
Renata Daninsky
They call her The Peach, because Renata Daninsky looks as sweet as a peach, feels as soft as a peach, and gets as wet as a juicy peach when you glue your mouth to her pristine vagina. Renata is a curly haired blondie who will get your pubes in a curl and make your dick straighten out in seconds, once her pale, naked figure graces your porn portal. Hailing from the Czech Republic, she has that smoky Slavic look in her eyes that will send shivers right to the stem of your Johnson. Renata’s body is fit like a blowup doll, except her tits are filled with helium instead of air – they’re that perky. Also unlike a blowup doll, Renata is all real, including her fantastic 34D breasticles which are plumper and creamier than balloons filled with grade-A whipped cream. Her body is simply a natural-tits-lover’s paradise. Her ass is also quite the showstopper, and you can get lost gazing into the depths of that heavenly crack and winking butthole. Supercharged with horny energy, you’ll rarely find Renata without her fingers pumping heavily into her fuck hole. She keeps a bit of bush on that glorious snatch of hers, and you can really see the pussy-sweat glisten when it gets tangled in her naughty knots. We know it’s hard to choose one Czech slut over another, but we’ll double down on Renata and her sweet T&A.
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Born: 1981-09-17
Birthplace: Brno, Czech Republic
Height: 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Weight: 112 lbs (51 kg)
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