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Sadie West

Sadie West

You could look across a crowded room full of hot babes and desperate sluts, but if you made eye contact for just one second with super sexy Sadie West, we guarantee that you’d have to run out while covering the massive cum stains in the front of your pants. Sadie’s gorgeous face and deep dark eyes could easily make her a supermodel for some of the highest-quality fashion shoots around. There’s just one thing about Sadie that makes her more than a pretty face and a banging bod: Sadie’s insatiable love for cock. By the way this girl worships a boner, you’d think she was the high priestess of some sort of cult of the hard phallus. You can literally see paradise drip down her face with her running makeup when she is devouring those boners. Whether taking it in the face or swallowing down that jizz, she gets those balls working overtime to produce that salty treat. Sadie fucks like a jacked-up minx, too, cowgirl-riding those dicks, getting slammed from all angles, and loving every second of it. There’s no guy who could resist for even one second Sadie’s amazing body. Her boobs are perfect… big but not oversized, so they stand up firm and keep their great shape. Her ass cheeks are two round mounds of awesomeness and that pussy and butthole just beg for some loving. Sadie’s been in the game since she turned twenty but has always brought a perverted professionalism to every one of her 100+ films.
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Born: 1988-03-13
Height: 5 ft 2 in (157 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
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