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Selen is officially Italy’s Favorite Porn Star, and it’s probably written in jizz in the Italian constitution that she always will be. She’s been able to use her amazing porno success to become a popular mainstream TV personality, although Selen will always prefer to be remembered by her insanely slutty and nasty antics. She’s a stellar knockout with a teeny waist, big tits and a great juicy ass. With dirty blonde hair, an even dirtier look in her eyes, and sensual lips, Selen has the goods to really get the gonads going. There isn’t any kind of kink that she doesn’t gladly do, from heavy face-fucking and gagging, to hot and thick anal creampies. In fact, almost every scene Selen does has a bit of ass entry in there, and Selen loves to take those butt-slime-covered dicks and suck them clean. Selen is a self-proclaimed exhibitionist, and it was only natural for her to pursue a career getting naked. She hates high society and snobbery, and for her, depraved on-camera fucking was the ultimate rebellion against that kind of life. Even though her rich mommy and daddy tried to get her to pursue a more traditional career, her determination to be a world-class fuck star was strong, and by 27 years old, she was one of the biggest names in European hardcore. Selen has won close to 20 International Smut Awards, all testifying to her awesome cum-inducing talents.
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Birthplace: Rome, Italy
Height: 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Weight: 108 lbs (49 kg)
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