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Sylvia Chrystall
Sylvia Chrystall
This Hungarian goddess has the form, grace, build and beauty of a classically trained dancer. Every one of Sylvia Chrystall’s scenes is nothing short of exquisite, sensual performance art. Don't let her beautiful face fool you into thinking that she is merely just prim and proper. Underneath that tight, fit body and gorgeous face lurks the heart of a goddess who loves and craves sex. Whether she is involved in a detailed solo act, or fucking another lady, Sylvia likes all forms of sex. When it comes to the fetish genre, she is at her best. Do you like a babe who smokes while they work their magic? Look no further! Do you want to see how to tie a guy up and control him? She will demonstrate. Do you want to see what a goddess can do with handcuffs? She will show you. Would you like to see some extraordinary oral skills? Well, you get the idea! Through each scene, Miss Chrystall involves the viewer with a hypnotic glance and a very sly smile to let them know that she knows what they are doing. Sylvia’s performances aren't limited to being in front of the camera. She is also the artistic director for each film. She writes and directs while also managing the lighting and wardrobe for each scene – and she does it all with flair to entice and tempt the viewer. Tight camera angles and proper lighting make every scene an intimate and visual experience which always leads to a happy ending. Although recently promoted to porn star status, Sylvia was also recently declared Porn Hub amateur of the month. It is appropriate that this gorgeous goddess of sex won the accolades in February. Check out the rest of her videos and prepare to worship her!
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Birthplace: Hungary
Height: 0 ft 0 in ( cm)
Weight: 0 lbs ( kg)
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