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Tiffany Hopkins

Tiffany Hopkins

There’s something about French girls that speaks of class, sophistication, liberalism, and insanely hot looks. Tiffany Hopkins may not sound like your typical French name, but this slut hails from the town of Rouen, Normandy, a land famous for fine art, flowing wine, and long, hard baguettes – something Tiffany has always loved. She’s a petite little treat standing barely over 5’ and weighing under 100lbs. This doesn’t mean she’s delicate, though, because Tiffany can take some mean pound sessions and never gets enough of those thick dick injections. With her brunette hair, deep blue eyes, and wonderfully sweet petunia of a vagina, she could bring kings to their knees with one sniff of her panties. Her medium-sized tits are the perfect complement to her tight body, and her firm little behind is the ultimate invitation to some fine anal in-and-out exercise. This girl has always been a slut junky, and at age 20 started making a living by doing what she loves best. Tiffany didn’t ease her way into porn slowly like some other girls, but spread open her ass cheeks right away and took some butt-canal plugging right off the bat (pun intended). In fact, there is barely a single instance of the cameras rolling over her naked beauty without her sitting her butthole down on a thick dick and then slurping off those ass juices in her whorish French mouth.
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Born: 1981-06-28
Birthplace: Rouen, France
Height: 5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
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