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Tommy Defendi

Tommy Defendi

Once upon a time in a straight and square suburb of Chicago, a young stud was growing up and slowly discovering his awesome man-magnet powers. Tommy Defendi could feel his strength grow in his rock-hard bone and knew that one day he would have to take its awesome butt-slicing dominance to the big screen. Tommy eventually packed up and waved goodbye to Illinois and headed for fun in the sun, in Florida, where muscly dudes and rollerblading twink-boys flooded the boardwalks in search of some tasty cock. Tommy has since been riding the gay fuck scene like a champ stallion. He’s got that million-yard stare in his eyes that sends guys quivering in the throat, hoping to one day taste what Tommy’s got brewing in his pants. The way other dudes give his cock some heavy oral worshipping tells you it’s just bursting with flavor. Tommy keeps the right amount of man-fur on his chest and pubic area to let us know that he’s always ready to take control. With some obvious versatility in his act, he can be the dominant top, sledging away at boyish anus, or he can bend over and take it like a sweet, caring bottom-boy himself, and every combination in between. Like all dick-slurping stars out there, Tommy isn’t done until he’s had his share of frothy dick-cream smeared across his dreamy face and emptied down his throat.
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