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Toni Sweets

Toni Sweets

Ain’t nothing sweeter than a faceful of Toni Sweets and her scrumptious black bubble butt! Toni is a true Ebony slut who knows how to capitalize on her two biggest assets – them left and right ass cheeks. When she makes that junk pop, you could hear it from a mile away, and cocks from all over wail out in response. Toni loves getting her fat ass covered and smothered in sexy body oil, and getting a strong ass massage and crack kneading by a set of tough hands. When she’s not letting her ass suck up all the attention, Toni opens up her wide mouth to impress us with her awesome sword-swallowing skills. Often paired up with mega-boned guys, she really can deepthroat like the best of ‘em. Then there’s Toni’s engorged, swollen va-j-j which can suck a guy’s face into it until her thighs are shuddering in orgasmic insanity. Toni was born in Georgia, and she’s a good Southern gal. At 24, she started taking dicks in front of cameras for a living, instantly becoming a top-billed performer. That said, she does sometimes get nasty with a chick, lapping away at those leathery cock wallets and pinkish anuses. In the end, whether it’s black dick, white dick, or rainbow dick, the creamy color of cum is always the same and always looks great on Toni’s face. Ebony-lovers rejoice… Toni is the answer to your wet dreams.
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Born: 1984-08-26
Birthplace: Georgia, United States
Height: 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
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