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Tyler Torro

Tyler Torro

They call him the Bull, because Tyler Torro will come charging full speed ahead when he’s called to pound some gay ass or lay into some hot snatch with his beast of a boner. Gay, straight, bi, mixed up – nothing matters to this horny hunk, who constantly needs to have his pipe serviced by any suitable human hole. He’s a young stud who keeps his pecs pumped, his biceps bulging, his abs washboard, and his ass terrifically taut. Tyler is an Italian-American beefcake from Northpark, California. Growing up, he was less interested in playing sports than hitting the showers afterwards, where he’d scope his teammates’ shining cocks and glistening asses under the hot steam. At age 20, he decided to take his passion for ass fucking to the professional level, and immediately got work with the gay studio Next Door Entertainment. This guy does it all… he bangs under the hot sun, and he gets banged in the deepest, darkest dungeons. He rams his throbbing pipe down the throats of twinks and chicks alike, and he also opens wide to take in some meaty man-rods for a deep oral cleaning from tip to balls. He even gladly eats pussy and tongues asshole when it’s available, because he’s just that multi-talented. When Tyler is mid-slam-session, there’s so much cum being produced and splattered around that you’d think there were extra balls hidden on set, but it’s all just Tyler and his cum-inducing action.
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