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Tyra Misoux

Tyra Misoux

This girl named after a most tasty Italian dessert is actually a pure goddess of Germanic hotness. She was born Miriam but calls herself Tyra Misoux, like the liquor-soaked cake, except Tyra prefers to be soaked in pussy sweat and cock juice. Born in a small town in the Rhineland, she moved to the big bad city of Berlin at a young age. There, she grew up around sluts, punks, spies and stars, knowing that she, too, had to make a name for herself. That name was Tyra Misoux, and she showed the world what she’s made of when she was 18. She started working as a cocktail waitress in some of the fancy clubs around town, getting attention for her soft body and angelic looks. By 19, one of Germany’s top erotica producers noticed her and made her an offer she leapt at right away. She did some glamour modeling and smoothly transitioned into softcore films. Tyra’s sexual appetite grew steadily, and it wasn’t long before she was slamming Schwanz into her vagina and shoveling Wurst down her asshole. Tyra did most of her best work as a contract girl for Magma Films, the German mega porn studio that knows no boundaries. She’s one of Magma’s ultimate stars, with her youthful looks and vigor, her sweet medium tits, her scrumptious pussy and asshole, and her ultimate love of semen spread all over her face, chest, or in her mouth.
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Born: 1983-01-03
Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
Height: 5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
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