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Victoria Allure

Victoria Allure

When we say ‘good things come in small packages’, we must define the criteria for size. We’re not talking about vertical length, because our girl Victoria Allure stands barely over five feet tall. We’re talking about booty size, and for a half-White chick, Victoria’s ass package isn’t just a good thing… it’s a miraculous gift from the gonad gods. Victoria is a true mixed-race treat. Her skin is a light mocha, her hair is a smooth brunette, her eyes are a deep chestnut, and her mouth is a pink portal to blowjob paradise. She’s got the tits of a tight White chick and the nips of a sexy Black babe. Getting back to Victoria’s ass, we know where the Nubian royalty really settled in her body. They call it an onion butt, not only because of its phat and round shape, but also because it will make you cry from its awesome radiance. How many computer screens have been broken from guys trying to ram their faces into the image of her fleshy cheeks and shiny ass crack? Victoria isn’t so lazy that she only relies on her ass magic, though. She can deepthroat the thickest and longest black dicks until they’re soaked to the hilt in her drooling mouth. She can hoist herself up on some lucky dick and give it the rodeo ride of a lifetime. She even makes her girlfriends go cum-crazy when she muff-dives in their pussies. So you see, Victoria is an all-around win for you and your jerk-off hand.
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Born: 1984-11-28
Birthplace: Portland, Oregon, United States
Height: 5 ft 1 in (156 cm)
Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
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