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Public Indiscretion

We went out to one of the local dance clubs. You, me, my brunette friend Mindy, her boyfriend Todd and Zack, our typical third wheel. You had been telling me about how you would one day like to kiss Mindy or possibly do other things. I tried to encourage you to go for it, as Mindy was known to like both boys and girls. You were hesitant though, because our group went out a lot and you didnt want to ruin the fun we had with sexual tension.

So the night progressed, you teased a lot of men, grinding on them and pressing your tits against them every chance you got. Many asked for your number but you declined all of them. You even teased Mindy, Todd and Zack. They were flirtatious but Zack was getting pissed, because as usual you teased and left him hanging. I just had to laugh as I knew what a great fuck you were and what poor Zack was missing out on. You had that look in your eye like you wanted to show off some of your sexual appetite. Our usual plan involved me meeting you out behind the club and doing some fast and furious fucking for those lucky enough to watch.

You headed to the bathroom, but veered for the door, glancing back at me to see if I would follow. I nodded consent but grabbed Mindy as you walked out the door and told her now was the time to get a piece of that ass. She looked me in the eye, then almost sprinted after you. Todd was slightly confused on the whole matter, but his face lit up when I told him you two were about to get your fuck on for the first time. He was even shocked a bit upon hearing it would be out back where people could see. He desperately wanted to watch but I told him we had to wait a little so you girls could have your fun.

You headed to the corner where we usually meet and hiked up your skirt, of course not wearing any panties and prepared for me to enter you. I wish I could have seen the surprise in your eyes when a full head of luscious brown hair darted her tongue deep inside you. Looking down, you see Mindy with her mouth full of your sweet pussy, her tongue darting over your clit fast and hard. She stuck a finger in her mouth while raping you, got it good and wet and gently teased your anus before slipping it inside. You were quite sure what was happening but you really liked the feeling, her tongue playing over your folds, bringing you closer to cumming but backing off just at the cusp. Her finger slid easily in and out of your little asshole, making the work her tongue was doing send you over the edge. Your orgasm came crashing into you and Mindy held you up so as not to fall. Peering towards the door, you look for me but see a small crowd gathered to watch the girl on girl display happening. Mindy, not to be left out slowly rises and pulls down her pants and gently puts you to your knees. This is the first time you have encountered pussy other than your own and at first you are shy, but Mindy thrusts here pelvis onto your mouth and begins to grind.

Meanwhile the boys and I are inside and Todd can barely contain himself. Zack asks "Whats so fucking important that they haven't come back yet?" Todd, unable to keep his mouth shut spills whats happening outside. I cuff him one, jokingly but Zack I can see is up to no good. "Goddamnit, that little slut can tease me all the time and now she is out there? Im gonna show her!"

Before I can grab him, Zack darts outside. Shrugging, Todd follows and I have no choice but to follow. I had wanted your first time to be enjoyable, but dickhead was in a foul mood. Running up to you and Mindy, he yanks his cock out and shoves it in your mouth as your attempting to lick this sensuous pussy in front of you. The presence of a hard cock throws you off balance as you are thrust against the wall. Zack says "Thats right you little tease, you want to grind on me all the time, make this dick hard then leave me to take matters into my own hands? Not tonight!" Without waiting for a reply, he jams his hard member deep into your mouth, making your eyes water.

By this time Todd and I have caught up, witnessing the brutality in Zack. Im about to yank him off you when Mindy pipes up, "No let him have his fun, I think she's starting to enjoy it a little too." Sure enough, you stopped squinting and your hand had trailed down to your little hole, deftly gliding a few fingers inside yourself. "So Todd, you get to see what you wanted?" Mindy asked. Grunting Todd continues watching the show, so Mindy strides up to me, "I need some hard cock," she says rubbing my twitching hard on. Quickly she drops to her knees and begins sucking my erect member.

Todd, not wanting to be outdone reaches over to you, lifts your ass up and plants his shaft into your love hole. You begin to suck even harder on Zack as Todd pounds you from behind. Again your fingers find your clit and you rub it vigorously. You glance over to see me stand Mindy up against the wall and while watching you, I stuff her asshole with my now very hard cock. She bellows in amazement for a moment, but slowly our grinding finds a pace and she accepts every inch of my meat.

Zack seeing me assfuck Mindy thinks its a great idea and he pushes Todd out of the way and lines up on your anus as well. He is hesitant as its his first time giving a girl anal and is not quite sure what to do.You get tired of him holding out and press your tight bung against his cock, allowing it entry. With your sure, steady strokes he leans back against the wall and watches that perfect ass eat his veined member. The crowd by now has grown to well over fifty people, all murmuring and encouraging us to fuck harder and faster. Bolstered by their chanting, I lift Mindy spread eagle from behind, my cock still buried deep in her ass. I motion for Todd to help me and he impales her wet pussy, our cocks banging both her holes together.

Our fucking continues for another ten minutes or so and we can hear sirens in the distance. Zack moans that he is going to cum soon, giving Todd and I the same idea. Guiding you two girls onto your knees so you can kiss, the three of us stroke our cocks and aim for your beautiful faces. Your french kissing increases as each thick, hot load splatters your tongues and lips. By the time we are done, you two have snowballed all of our goo and swallowed it accordingly.

Someone in the crowd yells the cops are coming, so we quickly gather you girls and head for the car. Later that night, you and Mindy plan on finishing what you started at another time. You smile knowingly at me and say you cant wait.
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Your surprise.

Would to put you on your knees, gazing up at me with adoration as you pump my cock with your hands. Slowly you'd lower your face to my throbbing member, flicking my cum heavy balls lightly with your tongue. After teasing my flesh sack, you quickly engulf me in your mouth, swirling your tongue around my swollen purple head, making my balls clench in anticipation. Not wanting to miss out on your succulent slit, I raise you up and sit your misty hole on my mouth, where I thrash my tongue around your sweet candy walls. Fisting my member while I eat you thoroughly, you quickly hop off my licking tongue and jab my meat bat inside your tight wet love tunnel.

Bouncing up and down in my lap, I take both your tasty nipples in my mouth, one at a time, the pink colored skin standing at attention, glistening with saliva. With my mouth feasting on your tits, my fingers wander around your ass, finally settling on your taught little anus. Gently I ease a finger inside, applying ever more pressure to the skin separating my finger from the pistoning cock dwelling in your hot box. You begin grinding harder on hard spike, reaching a steady climax, your juices flooding over my cock.

Slipping off of my lap, you grin slyly as you turn around, aiming you gorgeous ass at my flaring cock head. Leaning forward, I gently lick you from slit to anus, worming my tongue up your forbidden entrance. Once satisfied you are good and wet, I push my member against your asshole, it invariably giving way to my steady pressure. Inch after glorious inch slides deeper into your ass until you have fully engulfed me. The tightness is exhilirating, both of us rocking against each other in anticipation. My hands sneak around your taught abdomen, one finding your clit, the other pushing a few fingers into your glistening pussy hole. Again I find the soft flesh that separates the two pots of arousal. Gently I flick your bean while we fuck, our bodies mashing together in harmony. You reach another shuddering climax and I am about to reach mine as well. My cock begins to twitch, signaling my climax, but you have one more surprise for me.

Sliding off of my meat, you turn, falling to your knees. Grabbing hold of my rigid member, you guide the flared head into your mouth and to the back of your throat. Saliva mixing with my pre-cum and your own juices, you grab a hold of my tight ball sack, hollowing out your cheeks to extract your reward. Pulling down and squeezing my heavy balls, I am unable to hold out, my cock head expanding at the rear of your throat, my gurgling nuts erupting with thick sperm, which rockets into your mouth. Sure I am spent, you continue tugging on my bag while sucking furiously on my still rigid member, siphoning off every drop of goo.
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Nothing much, thanks for stopping by.
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