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My encounter with a 26-year-old virgin

Before you laugh your brains out, hear me out. The guy didn't look like a virgin!!! He's told me stories about how he used to be a player with girls, and other bullshit that led me to believe that his cock has been sucked plenty.

This is the story of how I ended up having sex with a virgin.

It started out with this guy. He worshipped me for years. I didn't find him attractive, but I decided to give him a one-night stand shot because, you know, I'm always horny as fuck.

So, I asked him if he wanted to have sex with me. To MY surprise, he wanted to pass!!! Like, what the fuck!? Do you seriously want to pass on a chance to have a chick lick your balls, suck your dick, and fuck you till you cum?

But, I guess the fucker ended up making up his mind and said yes.

Having been in previous unsuccessful relationships, where a guy can't make a girl cum for his life, I let him know that I'm not a fast cumming machine. I told him to buy one of those stupid Trojan vibrating rings, which, btw, DO NOT WORK! >.<

He did so, and we set the date to have a fuck-fest at my apartment, since no one was around lol

So, the day arrived, and this fucker comes inside my house with a weird look on his face, like he was nervous. I led him inside my room with my eyes locking straight to his with a "I want to be fucked" kind of look.

I got on the bed, and the fucker was just there STANDING. I asked him, "What's wrong?" and he said, "I never thought this would happen."

I thought he meant that he never thought that I'd have sex with him, since he's obsessed lmao

So I told the fucker to go inside the restroom and chill, while I play a little with the vibrator.

He comes back, and he sees me rubbing my clit with the vibrator, and he got surprised lmao WTF? I pulled him to the bed, and I unzipped his pants, only to find gym shorts under there. Then I pulled down his gym shorts, only to find his mother-fucking boxers under there. THEN, I pulled down his boxers, only to find a LIMP BABY DICK!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS! And to top it all off, it smelled like hot ass -__-

I dusted it my expression off and started strokiing his short dick. I didn't care. I was horny as fuck and I needed a dick in me ASAP.

5 minutes later, the fucker grew ONLY 2 inches long and we proceeded to fuck my pussy. As much as I tried, I couldn't lead the dick to go in and penetrate me. Turns out, the dick was too fucking short to even get to the inside of my wet pussy :( but once I felt the small tip of it touch the outside rim of my pussy, I told him to fuck me as hard as he can.

What does this fucker do? Rather than thrust his little baby in and out of me, he rubs against my body... LMAO I couldn't believe it. This "Player" can't even fuck a girl tht right way!!!

It was time to take matter into my own hands. I pulled his dick, made it go inside of me as far as it can, latched on to his back with one of my clawing hands, and told him to start doing what he was doing fast, while I thrusted and played with myself with the vibrating piece of junk.

Together, we made some friction, rocking the bed back and forth. He was "fucking" me like an angry fast rabbit. I started to moan loudly, cuz I heard that helps a girl get off lol It certainly helped.

So, 5 minutes of that and VOILA! I had an orgasm, and surprisingly he came at the same time I did. Maybe he felt my pussy cumming, and his dick loved the way it felt.

After we finished, I asked him to leave, so he can think about how much he needs to improve on his fucking skills. but then, he texts me, apologizing to me and ADMITTING that he was a VIRGIN!

What the fuck -_____-

Well, I never saw his face again.
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I'm back beautiful porn lovers!

A year hiatus! What the fuck did I do during that time? Well, for those of you who read my last short blogs, you know that I've been MIA because my laptop decided to be an asshole towards me and stop working. If I had a dick, I'd rape it until it started working again lol Anywhore, I still don't have my privacy back like I used to. I ended up moving back at home. It's a mission just to masturbate, let alone watch porn videos. I'm always turning around to see if anyone walks inside. My room has no door, so yeah -___-

Meanwhile, I have been able to send photos of my naked and chunky self to some lucky people, not that they appreciated it in the end of course. I feel bad admitting to this, but I'm the mistress in not one, but TWO relationships. Poor girls. :( But, where there's a horny guy in need, Valerie is there to satisfy them.

I actually naked right now, hoping that my horndogs will text me asking for a picture, hoping that I get a picture of a long hard dick back, and hoping that one of my fam members don't accidentally walk in while I'm pounding my pussy with my fingers to a dick pic.

Geez, I'm so horny right now T-T The last time I got fucked was in the summer. It wasn't all that great. I came, but only because I had a vibrating ring helping me. The dick was 2 inches, and the man couldn't fuck for his life. To top it all off, I found out he was a virgin -___- Fuck my life super fast in the ass. I'll post a blog about that story after this post.

So, now I'm back. I got my computer to work now, but I want to get back in shape, so my rolls don't show whenever I decide to update my pictures.

To all of you who have messaged me or commented on my page, I'm sorry I haven't responded to your messages. :( I got on pornhub to do some quickies lol

Hope you wonderful ladies and gentlemen are doing alright ;) Stay big and wet ;P

Gosh, I'm so wet right now... Oh well. Time to fuck myself to sleep. TTY people soon.
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What made me love sex

So, I began masturbating at a really young age. I loved playing sexy in the shower and I loved touching myself while bathing. There was only one problem with touching myself and that was that I couldn't cum fast enough.
So, one night, while I was taking a shower, I looked at the faucet and something clicked! I had an idea:
Why don't I lay my pussy under
some running water?
I did it for 5 minutes, and, surely, those were the best 5 minutes I ever spent in the shower. My heart was pounding. I was breathing heavily. I felt AMAZING. I had my very first orgasm!
I loved it. I wanted it more, and more, and more! So I continued to do it on a daily basis. An orgasm a day lol
I could live with that ;)

Ashley enjoying her Bath brought to you by PornHub
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Sorry guys and dolls :(

Sorry I haven't been responding to any of your messages or comments lately. I'm visiting for about a month or two and I don't have my own room :( I want to cam sooo bad, but I just can't at the moment. Ugh, I can't even masterbate!!! :(( I will be back though!
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How many of you men....

have actually made a girl come? and I mean seriously made a girl come? lol get at me if you have ;)
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epic cumming
Peter North & Harmony Flame Nail On Construction Site
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Peter North & Harmony Flame Nail On Construction Site brought to you by PornHub
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FYI ladies and gentlemen

I'm not a virgin anymore lol I created that user name for other websites when I was. I guess it just became stuck on me lol sorry you guys :( False advertisement! I know :((
About Me:
Hi ladies and gentlemen! I'm 24 years young :) Not a virgin anymore lol I lost that after meeting someone on here a few years ago haha I'm single and looking! FYI, I'm average short and chunky :P If you want to know more about me, message me, but be nice (or naughty):P
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