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Life On The Farm

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Production:  professional
Added on: 2 years ago
Featured on: 2 years ago
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  • 10 months ago
    i loved it when he fucked her from behind and towards the end of the video
  • 10 months ago
    oooooo, baby
  • 1 year ago
    I wish I lived on a farm too... lol!!
  • 1 year ago
    The same shit those white bitches do back then, they do right now. Fuck around on their little dick racist husbands.
    • 7 months ago
      so true lmao
    • 8 months ago
      BigDog, you need to come the ATL, you can get all the favors down here. Infateshands grow some balls and shut the fuck up, lol
    • 10 months ago
      You didn't block me, you'll be waiting to read the next comment I post because you want the last word and it's irritating you. Also I forgot to mention that this makes no sense at all "Give it up for some vanilla ice cream. I getting me a lick." I also find it kind of odd that you said white women would fuck a black guy in a heart beat when more black women date white men than white women date black men. I don't think you've seen the new statistics.
    • 10 months ago
      I'm mad that white women are leaving white men? Where did you get this information? You're just spewing a bunch of nonsense and trying to put words into my mouth. Now you on the other hand are a different story. You were spewing racial slurs because a white man was fucking a black woman on a black female and white male porn video. Yeah don't try to deny it either you can easily click on the videos you viewed and see them. Well then again you'll just delete them like a bitch.
    • 10 months ago
      You just copied my comment you retard. You can't think of anything else to say so you copied exactly what I just said. Pathetic! My comments clearly make sense. Also I'm not Ukrainian you stupid unintelligent moron did you really think anybody on pornhub would actually put their actual location on here? Also it's called an education which you clearly do not have. The fact that you said that a Ukrainian doesn't know anything about slavery I suggest you brush up on your history about the slavs.
    • 10 months ago
      Yes I can read, stupid. It's obvious that you can't go back read your old comments. Anyway what a fucking 19 year old Ukrainian dumbass know about slavery and I will say this for the last time, your stupid ass is MAD white chicks fuck a black guy in a heart beat. Hate all you want but I finished with you, you fucking pissed "little" man. You and your future comments are blocked. LMAO. Give it up for some vanilla ice cream. I getting me a lick.
    • 10 months ago
      Your first comment? Your first comment was racist that's why I responded to it. Also "Negroid" is not a racial slur so if that offended your dumb ass I suggest you look up the definition of Negroid. It got me typing anything in reply? Do you read your comments before you post? My comments actually make sense unlike yours you idiot. "Mad" "Little man" those are such great insults.
    • 10 months ago
      Can you read? It's like I'm talking to a complete retard. Where in that comment did I say "Chick with a mad body" was gay? How about you go back and read that comment over again. Also how is "butt hurt" considered the gayest thing to you? Out of all the gay shit you just said such as "Wishing your dick was as big as his". You also keep saying you don't care about these comments yet you keep replying back to them with terrible insults such as "little man" and "you so mad".
      • 10 months ago
        Butt hurt..hmm and I said the gayest thing over the internet? Chick with a mad body? What are you talking about? You see like I said pathetic, my first comment got you so mad..wait so angry it got you typing anything in reply. LMAO, why don't you wait another 3 months and try to come up with something better than these pathetic insults. Mad "little"man SMH & LMAO
    • 10 months ago
      By the way before you say it's pathetic for someone to be looking for other people's comments I suggest you look in the mirror. You've done the exact same thing so don't try to act like you're all innocent you little dick bitch. "Wishing your dick was as big as his" The gayest thing any man could say to another man over the internet.
    • 10 months ago
      You're dating a chick with a mad body yet you're on a porn site beating your meat? Yep! That's believable! I also love how you said you moved on yet you responded back to me quick as you possibly could. You're so butt hurt it's laughable. I haven't been on here in forever and you're mad that I replied to your comment. You responded to that comment in less than two hours that tells me a lot. You have no girl friend you're on here beating your meat 24/7.
      • 10 months ago
        LMAO! How pathetic is you to be looking for my comments. I've moved on and forgot about you and this video. My comment got you feeling something, bad memories? Now every time you masturbate to this video you yelling "fuckin that Negroid". Wishing your dick was big as his? Well guess what you pathetic mad little man, I'm dating this chick from my gym. Nice body and feeling me(literally). I guess you got something else to be mad about.
    • 10 months ago
      You're hardly racist? I've seen your comments on white on white porn spewing racist shit including on white male and black female videos that's how I found this video. I must be a little dick because I replied to your racist comment? What a dumb ass assumption. You just can't stand the fact that it was the other way around and it was white men tearing that black pussy the fuck up. "Where's wifey at?" "She's not answering the phone?" All Negroids do is assume shit.
      • 1 year ago
        Reality is what you see. I'm hardly racist cuz I will fuck her too but you must be the little dick who's still mad to reply to my statement. If it's not happening then what are you watching now?
        tell me why you mad....don't know where wifey at? She 's not asking the phone?
    • 1 year ago
      This was rarely done back then you racist moron and still rarely even done today. You watch a bit too much porn I suggest you lay off it a few and catch up to reality.
  • 1 year ago
    whats his name id love to have him fuck me like that
  • 1 year ago
  • 1 year ago
    i wana get fuckd like that
  • 1 year ago
    hell yea this wat the fuck im talkin bout. Straiht pounding that white pussy. Im bout to go fuck a white bitch right now!
  • 2 years ago
    i like this!
  • 2 years ago
    Her name is Dee Siren
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