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Sex Shop Antics

9 years ago

Working in porn can sometimes be a surreal experience, but the outlandish shit that you hear about never ceases to amaze me. I mean, even though she's not "officially" a pornstar, Paris Hilton recently freaked out in a Toronto porn shop because they were using a life-sized poster of her to promote her sex-tape One Night in Paris. Apparently she felt that it was inappropriate to use her image to promote smut.

"I really want them down because they're mean and this is not right. I'm really serious, this is disgusting," she said. "And I want the other ones too or I'm calling the fucking cops."

Never mind the fact that the dumb slut was the one who made the tape in the first place. I always thought that Paris was a spoiled, hypocritical, rich-girl with more lip gloss than sense, but this shit is just silly. Ok, so Rick Salomon was a scumbag to have released the vid (even if we did all enjoy it), but it was four years ago and that video is now everywhere. Taking down two posters and threatening to call the cops and your lawyers and everything else under the sun to attack this one, tiny, Canadian sex shop just seems a little bit over-the-top, even for her. Then again, I guess it makes about as much sense as anything else that she does. Maybe if I knew her better, I'd like her better. Paris, if you're reading this, please don't be upset, I'd really like to get to know you better.

Here's the CCTV footage of her sex shop antics and, of course, speaking of Paris being Paris, as a little bonus here's the brand new naked Paris video that's making waves (pun intended).

Speaking of crazy, spoiled, wanna be singers having tantrums in sex shops, Paris' party buddy Britney must have heard what her "friend" did up North and tried to take it even further. Allegedly, Ms. Spears was shopping in a California sex shop and tried to bring an armful of panties into the changing room when she was stopped by a store employee and advised that it was against store policy to allow clients to try on skimpy bottoms before purchasing.

Britney Before and AfterInfuriated and quite clearly out of her head, Britney launched into one of her famous tantrums, stripped off her pants and skivvies and started trying on the panties right there in the middle of the store in front of about 15 other customers. When one of the employees said, "Hey, you can't expose yourself like that out here," Britney replied, "Well, you wouldn't let me try them on in there, would you?"

When they asked her to leave, she stole a wig off a store mannequin and stormed out. Yup. That's pretty classy. The only logic that I can think of behind this most recent escapade was that Spears wanted to expose her pussy to the only 15 people left in the world that hadn't yet checked out her snatch pictures online. I mean, the irony here of a girl who doesn't wear panties when she should, getting in trouble for trying on panties where she shouldn't, is just too weird for me to put together in my head.

One of my friends said that he wished he could have been there to see Britney stripping down and showing off her ass. I reminded him that while Britney used to look great, her "before and after" pics tell quite a different story. What the hell happened to you, Brit? I used to grow wood for you that would make a lumberjack eager, but now if I never see your busted crotch again it'll be too soon.

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9 years ago
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9 years ago
and if Paris you read this "I seriously really triple surely hate you and im calling the fucking police" LOL!
9 years ago
Paris Hilton, Britney and all of the rest of hollywood ladies are just a typical american.......Dumb and ego! i hate stupid woman...its az turn off ;c
9 years ago
shes an idiot..but i'd still hit it
9 years ago
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