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Pornhub Authors continues with DanieLuv telling us their secrets to Pornhub success. This is the first in a series from DanieLuv based on their observations and insights as successful Pornhub models.



A month ago my boyfriend and I (DanieLuv) started out on the Model Payment Program with Pornhub, and I must say, it’s been great to us. In only 30 days we racked up 200,000 views, and are on the fast track to succeed as amateur porn stars. This, however, came from many an email with the fantastic support team for small questions. But what if you need answers right now? I’m here to help.

Here's my step-by-step guide to Model Payment Program success:

1. Sign up for the Model Payment Program

I won’t go too far into this one, as Pornhub has a great FAQ section that will help you get set up. Essentially you create an account, become verified by submitting IDs, and apply for the model payment program. You’ll have to set up all your payment information, but everything is quite straight forward for all of this. I recommend signing up as soon as you know you want to start submitting videos, as it may take a week or so for you to complete the entire process.

2. Make Friends!

So how on earth did we get so many video views in such a short amount of time? Our biggest secret weapon was adding as many friends as possible. When you add friends, they’ll often subscribe to you. Perhaps they’d never discover you from their searches, but when you send them a friend request they get curious and check out your page. Ta-da! New subscriber!

Pornhub only allows you to friend so many people at a time. Use the filters to find the best people to friend. I found it beneficial to friend people in my own city to start with, as it excites people knowing they could run into you on the street, and provides for loyal followers. You may not be comfortable with this, and that’s fine too. If you’re a female, you’ll want to search for people who are into females, and vice versa for men. You can sort by popular users or newest users, and each can be handy depending on your situation. Play with the filters, and you’ll find the right people to target.

Note: Pornhub will only allow you to friend so many people at once. If you wait an hour or two, it will let you do it again. So if you happen to be online frequently, you can periodically friend 10-20 people, and continue to do so.

3. Interact with Your Fans

When you get messages from friends and fans, reply! Be friendly! People love watching someone they’re actually somewhat acquainted with, and this will help build loyal fans. Of course, there are instances you just do not want to deal with what someone said. But for those messages you’re comfortable with, have a chat! You both enjoy porn, after all.

4. How Often Should You Upload?

I find uploading a new video 2-4 times a week is sufficient. This pops new videos up in the search results, while also advising your subscribers that you have something new. In both cases, many will also look at your older videos if they like what they see. You could upload every day, and this would probably help you even more, but damn, having enough time to have sex, edit, and upload every single day may wear you out. Shoot for 2-4 times a week.


5. Times of Day to Upload

I work well in the middle of the night and early hours of the morning. Unfortunately, this is not prime porn watching time, and I want my videos to pop up for anyone who should search the right terms and sort by newest. Try to upload near the evening or early night. Just remember it may take a while, depending on your internet connection and file size to upload. Plus, there is some time Pornhub spends converting the video, which can vary depending on the file. Aim to upload your video approximately two to three hours before you want it to go live.

6. Thumbnails

Oh, thumbnails. These make or break your views. You could have the most awesome video everyone is going to cum to in a fraction of a second, but no one is going to see it if you don’t reel them in with a good thumbnail. I always try to catch my video as soon as it’s converted so that the proper thumbnail is up right away. I’ll regenerate thumbnails for that perfect one 10 times if I have to. Of course, sometimes you just don’t find a good thumbnail. Go with the best one you can possibly find. This is worth spending some time on.

7. Titles

Along with the thumbnail, a good title is what is going to reel someone in. You may be great at titles, but I am not. Oftentimes I’ll look up similar videos with tons of views, and use a combination of what those videos were called to come up with my own title.

8. Editing and Multiple Camera Angles

You totally don’t have to edit or have multiple camera angles, but it can definitely help. Sometimes I’ve set up a camera and thought it was in golden position… only to find out it was crap, and my head is cut out of half the video. Fortunately, I always film with at least two cameras on tripods or a steady surface. If you have a third you can keep close by for POV shots, you’re gold.

Stay tuned for the next article where DanieLuv share more of their insights. For more great content like this, check out their website, and make sure to follow them on Pornhub, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

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1 year ago
Great Read! Authors/Models like this are the reason the PH community is so damn amazing! I love it here!!
1 year ago
its true! especially point  number six. When you shoot a video,you need to take care of it. You need to prepare for this in advance
1 year ago
Love this comment 3 
1 year ago
Very good article. Confirming everything we thought we knew about PornHub. We just hit a 100k today after 3 weeks using the same tips and tricks you mentioned in this article. Thank you #Pornhub
1 year ago
Great tips, thank you so much!
1 year ago
Happy to help!
10 months ago
GREAT Advise Dude!!!...You have give me Tips That Will take On consideration Well Bruh, Thanks. 
1 year ago
Thank you for this very helpful tip
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