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Of Human Bondage

9 years ago

I remember once going to apply for a job at a bank. I was 17 years old, hooked on cigarettes and Wild Turkey and my money was running out faster than the dogs I put my bad luck on at the track. So I put on my good pants, combed my hair and shuffled down the block asking for work at every business that was open. I didn't seem to inspire confidence in my neighborhood, so I figured I'd head a bit farther out where I might not be so easily recognized. After about an hour I found myself sitting in a bank waiting to talk to the manager about getting hired as a teller.

I sat there and waited and drew naughty pictures on the backs of deposit slips with a pen securely attached to the desk by a chain. People kept coming and going with slick suits and clean shoes and they used their scrubbed fingers with immaculately trimmed fingernails to give and take more money than I'd seen in a month. Because I wanted to do their job, I watched the tellers dance behind the counter taking instructions from one machine and getting money from another. They smiled sycophantically at all the patrons and glanced nervously at the clock on the wall whenever they got a chance. By the time the branch manager was ready to see me, I felt thoroughly ill.

She asked me some questions about my work experience, had I ever worked in a bank and so on and so on. I said no, but that I thought money was pretty neat and that when at home on my spare time I enjoyed touching it and fondling it and that touching and moving money for a living was something that I felt pretty comfortable doing, so long as I got to keep some of it once in a while. I was referring to my paycheck, but I'm not sure she got that and she looked at me kinda funny. She asked me if I'd ever been bonded. That's when it was my turn to look at her kinda funny and ask her if she didn't think that was kind of a personal question to ask on a job interview

She wrapped up the meeting with, what appeared to me, somewhat unseemly haste. She thanked me for my time in a way that left no doubt that she thought I had wasted hers and said that she'd call me if there was anything else. I asked her if that was another come-on that she wanted to tie me up and she asked me to leave. I still needed a job but I was thirsty so I got on the 24 bus out to Parkersville to get a drink and toss some money at the dogs.

Some people are so touchy. There's nothing wrong with a little bondage and, in fact, if Lonnie Waters is involved, there's actually a lot right with it. I may have put up pics of Lonnie before, but when I came across this gallery I just knew I couldn't say no...

Of course, if you ever want more of Lonnie Waters or tons of other amazing pics, you can go to the same place I did to get these ones, Blue Fantasies. They've got more hot babes over there than you can shake a stick at, but believe me, you sure will give it the "ole college try". And now, if you'll all excuse me, I'm gonna run home, whip out the cuffs and tie a pretty young thing up and have my way with her. I'll be back tomorrow and, until then, be good to each other.

Just'in Porn

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9 years ago
ah.... be questa la conosco.... è la mia vicina.....!!!!
9 years ago
Oh yes, I can imagine it now, you and me in the vault, fucking our brains out, cum-in, before the door is opened by the guards.
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