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Meet Dick and Jane

5 months ago

by: ARIA

Meet Dick and Jane, making their first appearance for St Patrick’s Day!Enjoy!!

Panda sex

5 months ago

by: ARIA

Ever wonder why Pandas are nearly extinct? I know I sure have, and it's a sad fact of life. They're just not that horny and they're too busy eating and sleeping, which to be honest I can really relate to. Fear not though, because Pornhub has come up with a way to save the earth YET AGAIN! Grab a buddy and start creating your very own Panda sex, and upload it to the site! The goal is to create enough content to donate to Zoologists so that they can share the love with these beloved creatures. For every upload to the Panda porn section as well as views to this category, Pornhub will donate to the Panda conservation society. If you're lacking inspiration, please feel free to check out our very own Panda porn given to you by our friends Keiran Lee, Kimmy Granger and Nicole Aniston. Happy humping!!

It's our favorite time of the month! It's time to announce the February winners!

Want to be eligible to win next month? Join our Amateur Program to start uploading your videos and get paid!

Without further ado, here are the winners!

The February Amateur of the Month is Mark_Rockwell! Congratulations!

Mark has reached over 18 thousand subscribers and over 21 million video views.

Check out some of the mind blowing videos that help him win the crown!

Our AOM winners will receive a free one year membership to Pornhub Premium!!

Pornhub Premium gives users additional access to full, uncut HD scenes all within an ad free environment.

Congrats to our Newcomer of the Month for February 2017 is Hoshino9412!

This sexy vixen joined the program 2 month ago and has gained over 12 thousand subscribers and over 3 million video views! Check out some of her naughty videos below!

Here are our Top 5 Videos of the Month for February 2017

1st Place - $250 - goes to - GF sucks and have cum in mouth. WHILE the step sister "Game of thrones" se - teacher_of_magic

2nd Place - $200 - goes to - Sleeping Teen Stepsister Wakes Up to a Hard Cock - VampireCollective

3rd Place - $150 - goes to - LindseyLove's Valentine's Day Adventure - LindseyLove

4th Place - $100 - goes to - Beautiful Sex with JennyBlighe - JennyBlighe

5th Place - $50 - goes to - Sexy teen in white stockings loves big cock - Amadani

Congratulations to all of our winners! Keep up the great work guys!


With the ongoing success of Pornhub's Amateur Payment Program, Pornhub's Model Spotlight will be a great way to get to know some of our biggest stars! This month, we interviewed Jenny Blighe who is a smoking hot redhead that joined the Amateur Payment Program back in June 2016. With over 60K subscribers and close to 53 million video views, it is no secret that Jenny is killin' it on Pornhub! One of her first videos, Beautiful Sex with JennyBlighe, is currently the most viewed Verified Amateur video of all time! This being said, we wanted to ask her some questions!

How did you get into the industry?

This is an interesting story. I was going to school full-time (early childhood education major) and working at the daycare my kids attended back in early 2012. I was hardly making any money and then one day, my car got repossessed. Yay me! As you can imagine, I was pretty frantic, considering I still had to pick my kids up from school later that day. An old friend of mine was at my house when my car was repo’d & just kind of vaguely said, “You know there’s this site called MyFreeCams….” He went on to tell me about how girls basically broadcast live via webcam from their homes & get tipped tokens to do ‘things.' I was curious, so I logged onto the site one day and watched for about 5 minutes or so. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing & that I had never known about it before. These girls were having so much fun and making money doing it! It wasn’t all just tips for tits and ass (although it is a lot of that, too). Some girls would get tipped to do an impression of Owen Wilson, do silly dances, play games, or even put on a banana, sumo-wrestler, or dinosaur costume. It was amazing. The members were friends, they knew each other, they interacted, they had FUN! About 3 days later, I was setting up my own model account & had my first broadcast maybe a week after my application was finalized. At the time, I was completely blind to the idea that this decision would change my life forever… and it definitely did!

What is the funniest thing to happen to you when you were on cam?

Oh man, there are sooo many funny things that have happened to me while on live webcam! There was this one time when I burned off the middle portion of one of my eyebrows. That is most definitely high on the list of funniest things that have happened to me on MFC. I was lighting a 'J' (the lighter had a high flame lol) when I must’ve…fried some of my eyebrow off. Even more funny, I didn’t notice until much later in the night and no one said a thing until I realized and mentioned it to everyone!! We still joke about it to this day! And it took quite a while to look normal again. At that time, I never filled in my eyebrows with makeup, so I had to fill in the spot with BLACK eyeliner. That looked ridiculous. Also funny. haha

What advice would you give to someone looking to join the industry?

I guess that I would take the time to thoroughly think it through beforehand. I wouldn’t do it if “coming out” to your family would ever be an issue. I know there are girls that are in the industry and are able to hide their “cam-girl/pornstar identity,” but in reality, it’s *really* hard to do that. I would think long and hard about how making that decision (and the possibility of everyone in your life knowing) will affect you, and then decide. The reality of the situation is that it’s very hard to hide this lifestyle from the people you love & if you can handle that, then go for it! IF it’s what you truly want! & if you decide to move forward (in camming), I’d suggest MyFreeCams.com & to start your twitter account up immediately and start promoting… you will be doing a lot of that!

What or who do you want to do on-camera that you haven’t done yet?

I signed up on James Deen’s site like 3 years ago to make a vid with him and I don’t think I ever got a response! lol Other than that... Nicole Aniston, Vanessa Veracruz, HarliLott, CortanaBlue… to name a few :)

If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be?

Patrick Swayze 1987 (Dirty Dancing time-frame) Holy shit, I wasn’t even born yet! Also, is it weird I chose someone deceased? lol He was SO hot then!

What's The Most Difficult Scene You've Done?

I thought the SPH fetish was going to be difficult for me but I tried it when someone ordered a custom vid & loved it! I quite enjoy it and even offer cock ratings now! The most difficult scene I’ve shot though would probably have to be the VERY detailed boy/girl custom vids I get. When it’s just me performing, I am in control of all aspects of creating the vid. Sometimes throwing another person in can make it harder because you end up giggling at acting fails or funny moments & doing multiple retakes. I typically have enjoyed all the scenes I have done thus far & wouldn’t necessarily label any of them as difficult :) I usually have fun filming all of them!

How did you hear about Pornhub’s Amateur Payment Program?

I noticed it at the bottom on the Pornhub website & clicked it wanting to know more information as I’ve always wanted to be on this site, and to upload under my own name instead of having people who think it’s okay to share my hard work for free.

What do you enjoy most about Pornhub?

Pornhub has given me a lot of freedom, while other sites have weighed me down & haven't been fair to many of their models. Pornhub is so willing to help at a moment’s notice, and have really treated me with the utmost respect since I made my Amateur Program account. I’m excited to see what lies ahead in this new relationship!!

What is your favorite…

Video on your account? Selfie Creampie!
Category on Pornhub? Redheads!
Sex position? This is hard… either me riding or him hittin’ it from behind!
Type of video to film? Blowjobs & slutty solo customs!!
Thing about Pornhub The opportunity it has given me to be Pornhub's very 1st exclusive model!

Thank you so much Jenny! xo


6 months ago

by: ARIA

Eva moved to LA a few months ago to take an internship at a big time Beverly Hills talent agency. She works extremely hard and it leaves her with no time to herself, and she has to live with her sister in the meantime. When she buys a gift certificate for an hour massage which she can’t use, she offers it to her sister instead. After receiving text messages from Jason, an old flame she met at college, she finds out that he is in LA for a few hours, and her mind starts racing about what she could do in the time they have alone together. She is determined to make every second count. Check out our exclusive scene given to us by our friends at Blacked and make sure to follow their channel!

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