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Not sure why this has been on my mind, but I've been thinking about an old fling. Her name was Charlene and she was a tight little number. Great hips, better tits, a mouth that could suck the wood off a baseball bat and a smile as sweet as a candy-apple. We didn't go out for very long, and we both knew that it wasn't going to last. The sex was fantastic, but we were just into different things. She liked to run and I liked to drink. It's not easy jogging and drinking at the same time and I knew that if I had to choose, well, that I'd be seeing Charlene a whole lot less. Not that I have anything against running. I think that it was a great skill that our ancestors could use to get away from predators. I just think that ever since we seem to have mastered this "top of the food-chain" thing that maybe my time could be better spent drinking a beer, getting laid and playing the occasional game of pool. Charlene seemed to think that this made me some kind of a Philistine. She was all into shit like books and stuff. Honestly. Can you imagine? I kept telling her, "Hey, I read!" But she didn't think that reading the back of the cereal box at breakfast should count. So yeah, she was kinda stuck up, but I do still miss stuffing my cock deep into that soft, tight ass. Those were the only mornings she wouldn't be able to run and I'd feel so proud. Just wanted to dedicate this blog post today to all of you out there who look back on your past adventures with a glint in your eye and your tongue in your cheek. Our past can haunt us if we let it, so blow it a raspberry and tell it to go jump in a lake. Today is here now and tomorrow will be here soon enough. Have a great weekend everybody! Just'in Porn

Hello again! Usually, working in this industry, it's all too easy to think that you've seen it all. I have to admit, however, that even I can still be taken by surprise and amazed to discover something new. I'd seen Christina Bella on Pornhub before, in a clip that looks like it was made years and years ago, and thought that she was a pretty but unremarkable "talent". Today, however, a new series of videos were added that are making me rethink this girl.

Goddamn those clips are hot! Tight body, great hair, amazing tits and there's no question about it: this slut sucks dick like she thinks it's her sworn civic duty (and then again, maybe it should be)! I also need to toss out a huge thanks to the member that uploaded this. Lesbianlover, much appreciated. Any other gems like that you've got hiding in your collection, I wanna see 'em! I hope the rest of you enjoy the clips as much as I did, and I can't wait to see what comes on this site next! Check y'all out again tomorrow! Just'in Porn

Hey Everybody!!

12 years ago

Hello out there all you Porn Dogs and Porn Babes! Just'in Porn here with the first of many amusing, entertaining and informative blog entries! The goal here will be to give you some updates on what we're doing with the site, cool new shit that's going on, and let you in on some "behind the scenes" action from a porn insider's perspective. The biggest news for us lately has been the launch of our new members' channels. All our members now have access to tons more features on their own personal member's page. Add friends, subscribe to channels, see what other people are watching, write on each other's wall, earn popularity points and become an active member of the Pornhub community. From pornstars to webmasters, agents, producers and more, you never know who you'll find in the members' area! You'll even find me (and I could use a few more friends)! Drop me a line on my wall, or check out my favorite videos. Hope to see you there! Something else that we're pretty excited about are the new Pornhub teasers that we put on YouTube and the other social networking sites trying to get the word out. We know that you already know how amazing Pornhub is, but you'd be amazed how many people still haven't clued in. Take a look at the videos here:

and make sure that you send the links to all your friends. Help get them out of the porn stone age and onto the best porn site around! Anyway, I won't usually make you read this much with every blog entry, but I'm glad you stopped by! Keep coming back and we'll keep working hard to make your dick bigger! Just'in Porn.

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