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Happy Ho-lidays!

12 years ago

Ready or not, the holiday season is upon us. The trees have all been slaughtered, the money we saved has been given to massive corporations in exchange for baubles and trifles, and we are prepared to wear our best smiles when faced with the inconsiderate comments of family members who like to think they do no harm. But not all of this time of year should be buried in cynicism and satire, for while we may have lost the true meaning of the holidays many many years ago, there are still little miracles that happen every day, and these deserve notice and celebration.It may take a fat man in a red fur suit to tell us to wish good cheer upon one and all or to strive for peace on Earth, but I, for one, am simply happy that, once a year, we actually try to believe that such things are possible. I'm not trying to be Scroogie McGrinch here, I just try to look for the real spirit of the holidays and can't ever seem to find it on sale at Walmart. I see it more in stories like this one, or in the act of giving a dollar to a homeless person when all you have in your pocket is a dollar fifty. It doesn't matter how large or small your miracle will be, but we all have the power to change the world. Peace on Earth is not something that other people should be doing. We all live in this crazy world together and it's high time that we started acting like it. Not once a year, for one week in the winter, but every day. Believe me, I know the argument: "But I'm just one person! What difference can I make if no one else changes too?" The bottom line is that while whatever you do may be insignificant, it is very important that you do it. And, of course, no Pornhub holiday post would be complete with the miracle of great Christmas porn! What? You thought that this was too sacred a holiday to undress and get nasty? Not on Pornhub, baby!! Just remember, that might be eggnog at the corner of your girl's mouth, but if it isn't, then maybe it is a merry christmas after all!

Happy Holidays, everyone. I'll see you in the new year! Just'in Porn

For Your Eyes Only

12 years ago

Many of you may have noticed that some of your videos are now marked as "private". Quite simply, this means that only you, or the people that have been approved as your Pornhub friends, may view the video. The reason for this is directly related to some of the recent changes to the site. Hardcore amateur porn is incredibly popular. Some of us love being the voyeur, others get off on being the exhibitionist. A video sharing porn site like Pornhub provides the perfect medium to satisfy both of these carnal cravings. There are, however, some privacy concerns as relates to homemade porn. If someone takes a video of me which is supposed to stay private and then uploads it, without my consent, for the entire world to see, my privacy has been seriously invaded. Pornhub may be a porn site, but we want to be a responsible member of the community at the same time. We are pleased to announce that hardcore amateur videos are now permitted to be uploaded and added to the site with NO duration limitation, however only those that you accept as fiends will be able to view the video. This allows you to protect the privacy of the people involved and not expose the video to anyone for whom it is not intended. The Pornhub team thanks you for your patience during this time of transition and we hope you all have a happy and HO filled ho-lidays! Just'in Porn

Tattoo You

12 years ago

I've known for years what a hot piece of ass Jezebel Bond is and how much she loves what she does. I've watched her "perform" whenever, and as often as, I could. I thought that I had already cast my eyes over every inch of her tight, sexy body. I thought that I had seen everything that Jezebel had to show. I was wrong. There was still a secret that only a few people had ever seen... Until now! Despite the fact that she has spent hours in the nude in front of a camera, it has only come to my attention recently that Jezebel has a tattoo the likes of which I would never have imagined! Tattoos generally don't have the same counter-culture impact as they did a few decades ago. Most of the people that I know have at least one. I myself have four of them. Even my fairly conservative parents no longer find tattoos shocking. And certainly, most pornstars in the industry have a tattoo of one kind or another, be it the ubiquitous "tramp stamp" or the uber-girly ankle or wrist design. But there's no question that Jezebel Bond takes the grand prize for skin art that still has the ability to shock and surprise. I don't want to give it away, so you'll have to click here to see the pic. And of course, it would take a true super slut of Ms. Bond's caliber to have the guts to do something as brutally honest as this. No doubt, in 30 years, her kids will be very proud! Truly, I am impressed. Now all I can do is hope that one day I meet her. I was brought up to always obey the signs, and obeying hers would be the sign of a very good day indeed! Just'in Porn


12 years ago

by: Dice

We should have most of the amateur & funny videos back online tomorrow at some point. On amateur content, there is no duration limit. Again, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience that's been caused by the recent video issues. Will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

We have made some drastic changes over the past week in order to make sure Pornhub can remain your favorite Porn Site! Effective immediately, user uploads will go through an approval process where only videos less than 3 minutes and that we are able to give credit to the author is possible, will be accepted. Pornhub wants to remain the number one free porn community on the net, and if we don't implement some content rules, then we can't ensure that this community will have a long future. We've been forced to remove all copyright & amateur content and while this might seem terrible right now, it does ensure that PornHub will be around for a long time and continue to be the premier porn site on the net. More details to follow, please be patient as we implement some new features! We're very confident that you'll like the new changes coming up. We're sorry if these changes cause any inconvenience, but give us a few days and everything will be back to normal and even improved. regards, PornHub Team

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