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Sometimes it can be hard to make choices. This morning I couldn't decide between greasy eggs and bacon or a healthy fruit smoothie. This afternoon I agonized over whether I should have a coffee or a tea. And as my deadline for the blog approached I was a complete mess over whether to post pics of a sweet Latina babe or go with a hot MILF. Thankfully, unlike my other decisions today, these two options were easy to combine. I love it when I can get the best of both worlds. When I can have my cake, and eat it too (which, on a completely unrelated tangent, has gotta be the stupidest expression that I still catch myself using. When have you EVER given someone a cake and then told them they weren't allowed to eat it? What kind of a mean, sick bastard would do that? Even Marie Antoinette let the peasants eat cake.You can do a lot of things, but don't fuck with a person's desserts. That's crossing the line). But back to the delicious Latina MILF that I was telling you about. No doubt many of you already know the big tits of Mikayla, but for those who don't here's a quick peek at what you'll find in tons of hot videos. We even have a bunch of them on Pornhub so don't be shy: grab your favorite bottle of lube or lotion and buckle up!

And of course, speaking of difficult choices, we still have a few days left in the PORNHUB HOTTEST MEMBER CONTEST and so far, this one is WAY too close to call. Catch you all tomorrow, Just'in Porn

By Special Request

12 years ago

I know that most of you probably can't take your eyes off the girls we got for you in this week's PORNHUB HOTTEST MEMBER CONTEST (keep those votes coming!), but I've got some eye candy for you today that, I'm hoping, will at least make you drop your drawers and stroke your salamander (or twiddle your diddle, as the case may be). I received a message from a user the other day asking why all the photo sets I post are of glamour babes and why I didn't share some hardcore pics. The answer to that is simple: I like glamour girls and this is my blog. But I'm nothing if not a believer in being a benevolent tyrant, so I thought I'd relax my grip and give the people what they want. A few of you have even started to ask me if users can blog too. The answer to that is almost the same as my first answer. This is my blog! Keep your hands off! Sheesh. But seriously, we are hoping down the road to have user generated blogs, but in the meantime what some members are doing is to use the "About Me" section of their profile as a type of mini-blog. Member CURCATE is an excellent example of this. But that's enough "blah blah." I know that you're here for the naked chicks and not to listen to me run my mouth, so here goes... These pics are of a hottie named Margarit (and some dude), and come from my very own personal stash.

And for those of you keeping track of the scores at home, so far Charlotte has a narrow lead over Elyscza. Will we have a new winner this week? Stay tuned to find out and remember: you decide how it all ends! Also, I'm looking for a gallery of a hot redhead. I've done the blonds and the brunettes. Any suggestions? Peace, Just'in Porn

Well, the first week of the contest is done and we finally have our first winner! It was close, but when all the votes were in and counted (I even counted the hanging chads twice like Florida), the winner of round one is.... Elyszca! And, if it weren't enough of an ego boost already, Pornhub will probably be sending her a great prize just for having made it this far! Congratulations Elyscza!!! Of course, if y'all thought that it was hard to decide between the two hotties we had for you last week, just wait until you see who this week's challenger is! I'd almost be willing to call an end to the contest right here and now just to avoid breaking either of these girls' hearts, but that not the way the game is played. Only one can advance while the other goes home. Who will it be? You decide! Leave me a comment here, on my wall or send me a PM letting me know which of the girls you think is sexier and the girl with the most votes will continue on and will meet up with a new challenger next week. This week our reigning champ goes head-to-head against an absolutely stunning British Beauty in a matchup that's just too close for me to call. Take a look at the pics and be sure to let me know which of these hotties you like better. The results will be announced next Monday, when we'll see the winner go up against a brand new challenger. Click on pics to enlarge:


So let's see those votes! And remember, if you've found a member that you'd like to nominate (or if you'd like to nominate yourself) let me know! Happy Monday, everyone =P Just'in Porn

Maid in Heaven

12 years ago

I've never been able to afford a maid. Some friends of mine, when I was young, had rich parents and sometimes had a lady from South America or the Philippines come in to their house to clean up and do laundry. Most of those women were well over 40, wore everyday clothes and looked absolutely nothing like today's Hot Pick. Now, if I could win the lottery and have a pretty young thing hang around the house and wash my socks, I would absolutely make sure that she wore the "maid outfit" and looked like Sara Jean Underwood. Of course, given that this pretty young blonde was the 2007 Playmate of the Year, I'd have to hazard a guess that her sock washing days are coming to an end. Pity. But hell, this is my fantasy and if I wanna pretend that Sara Jean here is giving me a good ole spit shine, that's exactly what I'm gonna do! And if any of you psychics out there have a gut feeling about the next Powerball numbers... well, just remember your good buddy Just'in Porn.

Next up, contest results!! Just'in Porn

Thanks to yet another hot picture gallery submitted by one of Pornhub's primo members, I was reminded today of a hot blonde that I had almost forgotten about. Lonnie Waters might be one of the hardcore Barbie style cliche pornstars that make people cringe, but you know damn well that you'd hit it HARD if you got the chance. Of course, this picture set also makes me extremely thankful to the enterprising men and women working in the labs at Adobe. I don't think there can be any doubt about it: Photoshop almost single handedly changed the porn industry. I mean, for all I know Ms. Waters here could actually be an 84 year old granny with a dick. But, thanks to the miracle of modern technology, I don't give a shit and will beat the meat proper on this one. Other than that, it's Friday night and I am looking forward to the weekend and getting my groove on with a tight young thing. Here's hoping you all find what you're looking for. And yes, of course I'm going to remind you all again to vote in the PORNHUB HOTTEST MEMBER CONTEST. The winner will be announced on Monday and we'll also have a brand new challenger! I can't wait!

Play safe, Just'in Porn

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