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Once again: you asked and Pornhub delivers. Based on your comments, feedback, questions and emails, Pornhub is once again launching a series of changes designed to improve your surfing experience. 1) Over the last few days we have launched User Blogs (which I cover briefly in the post just below this one) which was much in demand and, we think, can really help you express yourself to the community in a fun and exciting new way! I just hope that you will all still come here and read mine (I look forward to reading yours!) 2) Photo Favorites! In order to protect your personal pictures from being downloaded by people that you don't want to have them, we have recently disabled the "right click" feature in the photo galleries. But we know that you often like to look at the same photos again again, so we are adding a section to your profile where you can store you favorite photos, just like you are doing now with your favorite videos! 3) We have also recently made available the ability to not only flag inappropriate videos and pictures that you find on Pornhub, but also to flag the inappropriate users as well. Obviously on a site such as ours there is a tolerance for slightly exaggerated and extroverted behavior, but if someone in the community is abusing their freedoms and is making you feel uncomfortable, we want to know about it. And please, include some details in the flag request so that we can know what is actually going on. A flag with no details has very little value. 4) As well, for your protection, we will in the next few days be adding the option to your Profile Preferences to make your profile Private. When you choose this option, only your avatar and your basic information will be seen by people browsing the community members. Only those people who you choose as your friends will be able to see your complete profile. A little bit more needs to be said about how these new Private / Public profiles will work: - From now on the photo galleries and videos that you upload will be independent of your profile. That is to say that it will be possible to have a "private" profile (where your details are hidden from all but your friends) while at the same time having one or more of your photo galleries set to "public" for everyone to see. The same goes for videos. - If you are friends with someone that bothers you or upsets you, and you choose to block them, once blocked your profile will appear to them as though you are "private". That way they simply won't be able to bother you or spy on you again. 5) We will very soon be adding the option for you to delete videos that you had uploaded to the site. Personally I think that watching your drunken adventures is a lot of fun, but I suppose that if there's ever anything that you really regret, it's only fair that we let you take it down. and last but not least I wanted to clear up two of the most common questions that I receive: Uploading Videos: Many of you send me emails asking why the video that you uploaded didn't get approved. While it is always at our discretion which videos make it on and which don't, and screen all the videos to avoid inappropriate content (if you don't know what's inappropriate, check the FAQ), there are really only two main guidelines to getting your uploaded videos approved: i) If the video is a professional video, make sure that we can easily tell from what site it originates (usually with a watermark). ii) If the video you are uploading is a professional video that meets the requirements of point "i", you video ought to be approved so long as it is THREE (3) minutes long or LESS. None of the above restrictions apply to amateur/homemade videos. Pretty simple, right? Changing User names: This is a no-go. Once you have signed up with a user name, that's your name. Your name is how people know and recognize you (no gentlemen, it's not by your cock that you are known). Imagine the mayhem that would ensue if everyone was allowed to change their name whenever they felt to. This is no different than how it works on almost every other community site and, in this regard, we believe that it is the best way to not give everyone an Excedrin headache. Whew. That was a long post and I appreciate you staying with me through it. Of course, I know that you've all got a ton of comments about all this, so let's get it on... Just'in Porn

I suppose that it had to happen sooner or later, but I'm just not special anymore. Well, to be perfectly honest I never really was special (unless it was in a Special Olympics kind of way), but at the very least I was, up until today, the only person with a blog on Pornhub. Now, it's not just me... It's everybody!!! Some of you may have noticed a new option on your Profile Page. Now, each and every member of Pornhub is welcome to start blogging! Let us know what's going on in your lives, share your thoughts with the community and build a following of loyal readers that will hang on your every word. That's what I do and I have swarms of people chasing me down the streets just trying to get a glimpse of me. Men go green with envy and girls swoon, cry and faint with every word I type. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little... But even if the fame and the fortune isn't always there, blogging is still a great way to make your Profile Page even more exciting than it already is. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get started! Oh, wait... I know what you're waiting for and today's pics are, I think, definitely worth the wait. Uber-hottie Rita Faltoyano gets together with a friend to practice their cock smoking skills on one HELL of a lucky guy in a great set that I got from Licensed to Blow.

There are a ton more changes to the 'Hub that have either just been made or are on their way in the next day or two. I'll make a new post to list them all and I'll be back with another hot picture set again tomorrow or Friday. Peace, Just'in Porn


12 years ago

by: Dice

Hey guys, Dice here. I've been receiving some very disturbing reports recently about serious threats towards our female members, to the point where they become scared. This is obviously very unacceptable and we need to take some action to ensure the privacy and protection of everyone here. Unfortunately, there's always going to be some mal-adjusted people in our society, virtual or not. I'd really like to hear your feedback on the issue and some proposed solutions. Here is what we've been discussing thus far. - We can add an option to make your entire profile private, this would make you virtually invisible(facebook style). Only your friends could write on your wall, private msg, share a video to you, etc... - We will make email verification upon registration mandatory as to avoid people from creating multiple accounts to subvert being blocked by somebody. - Blocking someone will block them 100% from even seeing your profile at all.(right now you can still see the profile/wall, just can't post in it or contact the person) I think if we take the above steps, it will solve alot of the current harassment issues. What do you think? Please discuss.

Damn. Is it really Monday already? How did that happen? I was just starting to enjoy myself and now it's over. Oh well, back to the real world. Of course, when the "real world" is watching porn all week and hanging out with all of you, then I guess things aren't so bad, are they? My head is still a bit fuzzy from this weekend's adventures so I hope that you'll all forgive me if today's post is another strange ramble through the semi-confounded forest that is my Monday mind. I was thinking, strangely enough, about fish this weekend. Perhaps it was because my friend's date suspiciously looked like one, or because I was drinking like one, but whatever the reason why, I found my mind repeatedly pulled back to the fact that, if you believe in such far-off and wild things as the "theory" of Evolution, before any of us had managed the trick of evolving into monkeys, we were all very closely related to amphibians and fish. Of course, my friend's date hadn't seemed to have yet marshaled the courage to take that great leap and join the primates, but that changes nothing for the rest of us. But so what, right? I know, I know... I'm getting to a point (I think). I had the hiccups something fierce this weekend and everyone around me had a different, fool proof, cure to help me get rid of them. I tried holding my breath, drinking from the wrong side of the glass, even playing with my nipples, but none of it helped. I asked Linda if maybe it would help if I played with her nipples instead, but no dice. Now, it is a fact that few people think about that while we all have our own cure for the hiccups, no one really seemed to know what caused them. Until now. Thankfully, an anatomist over at the University of Chicago has used his federal grant money to answer the question that 99.9% of us had never even bothered to ask. And what did he come up with, you ask? Apparently, when we get the hiccups, it's because our amazingly highly evolved super computer brain gets confused and thinks that it's a fish trying to breath through gills instead of lungs. Of course, the good doctor made it sound way more scientific, but that's what it boils down to. My only question is: does this mean that when I have the hiccups I can go down on a girl for 30 minutes without coming up for air? If so, I'd better get a bigger cell phone plan... Ok, ok... that's enough of my foolishness. You're here for the dirty bits and yes, I think I do have a nice catch for you today. And if you don't like, come back tomorrow. There's always another fish in the sea, after all....

And don't even ask me who they are, 'cause I have no idea. I got the set from the Mariah Milano website (which is always worth checking out), but other than that I'm as clueless (and as turned on) as you are. Talk to all of you again tomorrow, but in the meantime I've got other fish to fry. Just'in Porn

The Cookie Crumbles

12 years ago

All day long I've been stumped about how I was gonna follow up successive posts of Karla Spice and Rachel Roxxx. I was stressed. I was aching. I was drinking bottle after bottle of Maalox to ease my bleeding ulcer. How was I going to find a girl that could live up to the expectations of a Friday post? It was agony! Well, not really. But it did irk me slightly. Until I just took a breath and said the magic words that can do wonders in times of stress. "Fuck It." It's amazing how powerful those words can be sometimes. I mean, let's face it: outside the warm cocoon of our amazing Pornhub community, Real Life can really suck sometimes. All kinds of bullshit happens, from the minor annoyances (like watching someone clip their toenails on the subway in the morning [I swear I saw this happen]), to major life changes that you just wished to God weren't true but that refused to be ignored. Sometimes we just get dealt a shitty hand of cards. And when that happens, what do we do? I guess we all have our own ways of processing the difficulties we experience, and perhaps that's why we take so much inspiration from "Oprah" and Reader's Digest type stories of people in almost unimaginable situations finding a way to keep on going with a smile. Maybe it's recognizing the positives, maybe it's just a tremendous capacity to adapt to new circumstances, or leaning on friends and loved ones to hold your hand while you navigate the darkness. Or maybe it's just an ability to say "Fuck It" and pull yourself out of sadness and despair through sheer force of will. I don't know the secret, but I do know that if today's photo set isn't the best you've ever seen, it sure as hell got me going and sometimes "good enough" really is good enough.

And, for those of you who just gotta know or you won't sleep well at night, her name is Nicole Sheridan. Tons more of her pics can be found all over the net, including over at Pornstar Honey's where this set came from. Enjoy your weekend, be good to each other and I'l be back bright and early Monday morning! Peace, Just'in Porn

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