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Spring Contest!

12 years ago

Alright, well I told you all on Friday to keep your eyes peeled for a new contest heading your way and here it is: The Great Pornhub Spring Challenge! We all love this season, and we here at Pornhub love all of you. So we put our heads together and tried to find a way to make the most of this most passionate season and our most passionate members. Basically, what it boils down to is that it's Spring, and we wanna give you guys free stuff... Pornhub GEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, in fact, we have had shirts, caps, and even... PANTIES made for the occasion! Of course, we can't just go giving this stuff away to just anybody, so who are the most Pornhub passionate users??? That's where the contest will help us figure this all out... Here's all you have to do to win a FREE piece of Pornhub GEAR: who out there can come up the most interesting, original and exxxciting Spring Vid or Pic?? And since Spring is all about sharing the love, anybody who participates will receive some kind of great gear absolutely free. Just submit to us your best Spring vids and pics. But remember: - The pic or the vid has to be Amateur. Dont hesitate to use yourselves or/and your friends/partners as models or actors!! -BE CREATIVE!!! Think strip, tease, sexy, flowers, the sun , outdoors, green... Anything that relates to Spring in a hot, sexy way We are giving you guys 1 week starting from RIGHT NOW to come up with an original Spring vid or pic. -Please write on the blog that you have uploaded a challenge Pic or Vid so that we can add them all up. Of course: the community will decide which vid and pic is the sexiest, naughtiest, "SPRINGIEST" one of them all. And that lucky person will win the Super Duper Pornhub Deluxe Prize Package!!!! Good luck, and Have Fun! The Pornhub Team!


12 years ago

So I was flipping through the channels this week and I landed on one of those hilarious Strong Man competitions. You know the ones I mean: you get a few men jacked up looking like round balls of steroid inflated flesh and get them to lift trees or carry Volkswagons or throw trains and all that jazz. After some kind of round robin of tasks and elimination I suppose that you're left over with someone who is crowned as The Strongest Man or something equally impressive sounding. Wow. Sunday television sucks. But it got me thinking about strength and all the different things that it means to be a strong person. Obviously if you can bench press Alaska you'd be considered strong. But you could also say that, if you measure by smell instead of muscles, the strongest man in the world is that old janitor dude that works in the building and that reeks of B.O. so badly that the elevator risks being quarantined by the Center for Desease Control as a possible biological weapon. And then there's that intangible value that we call strength of character. The strength to act when action is dangerous, the strength not to act when we sometimes so desperately want to, it seems to be essentialy a measure of a person's strength at lifting themselves above their own faults and weaknesses. We all have these faults, but at least most of us want to transcend them with the strength of our character. But what if, as happened to me recently, you find yourself in a position where you keep trying to lift a weight that you just don't seem strong enough to get under? If my arms weren't strong enough I'd go to a gym and build up my strength. I'd start with small weights and gradually work myself up to the point that I had the strength that I needed. Of course, even this process takes time. But how does one "work out" their character? And what happens to all the people in your life that you care about and who your weaknesses are hurting and effecting? Are they supposed to watch and wait while you heave and shove and simply hope that you'll develop the strength you need? And really, if you had a choice between being a person of strong physical strength or one of strong character, which would you choose? I just pray that we all find the strenth to lift the weights before us before it's too late. I know that this may have been a more serious blog post than I've put up in a little while, but for a Monday I suppose that it's almost fitting as we find ourselves facing the week and its varius trials stretched out before us. And now the reason that you're all here in the first place...

For those of you who don't know, today's girl is the one and only Jezza Haze. And if you haven't yet seen her in action you need to go and correct that oversight immediately. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, just get running to her videos and get ready to rub out a big one... And that, I think, is quite enough out of me for one day. I'll be back tomorrow and, until then, be good to each other (although I should probably start learning to take my own advice). Peace, Just'in Porn


12 years ago

Oh, but the months passed slowly. We hid ourselves away, wrapped in the cold comfort company of electric heaters and dreams of sandy beaches. We carved notches on the walls to count the passing of our winter hibernation. But warmer weather, our parole, is at the station. It's getting on the train and coming home to throw open the doors of our isolation and toss us back into the streets. It is time, my ladies and gentlemen, my friends and lovers -- time to make orphans of our hats, our coats, our scarves. The gyms are filling with the hip cats and groovy girls looking to lose those winter pounds. The bars are ready to ignore their doors and move their chairs and tables to the sidewalks. But be warned: these glorious days to come have a side-effect far more serious than the smell of melting doggy poo. The sun at whose coming we celebrate brings with it an infectious madness we all are likely to catch. A delirium. A fever so contagious it will likely clutch the whole of the city in its grasp... Spring Fever. Soon even I will be unable to resist the call of the outdoors and the shedding of clothes and inhibitions in equal measure. I will succumb to the fever cured only by human contact; the pressing of skin against skin, the mixing of sweat as flesh meets flesh and grinds one into the other. I will delight in my delirium until mercilessly cured. But do not despair for me, oh faithful reader. With any luck, you too will be caught in the grasp of this dementia, raving in lunacy so sweet that even words like "frolic" are insufficient. So, in honor of the warmer weather, a truly hot girl (one of my all time faves, actually) shedding her clothes and getting natural in nature. Tawny Roberts is truly one of a kind and i can't think of anyone I'd rather see usher in the new season. Enjoy!

As well, Pornhub will soon probably be launching a Spring related contest with cool prizes and giveaways, so keep your eyes peeled for that! I'll read you all again tomorrow. Now go get busy getting busy! Just'in Porn

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