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Howdy folks! Well, if you're here and reading this no doubt you've noticed by now that Pornhub has a whole new look! We've been slaving away night and day on this and it's finally here! New layout, new features, and all at blazing new speeds! Now, I don't wanna go and spoil all the surprises, but if you look around the site you'll find tons of new toys and goodies for you to play with. New blog interfaces, new "speed dial" options for your top friends, search by members in your area (yeah, you were ALL asking for that one...) and the list just goes on and on. Take a look around and be sure to share with your friends all the cool discoveries that you make. And hey, drop us some comments here too. Let us know what you think! Are there any bugs that we missed? Anything we overlooked? And you can even drop us some compliments and tell us how much we all rule, we always love that! I hope you all love the new Pornhub as much as we do, and I'll keep you all posted on any other developments as they come along. Until then, play dirty and be good to each other. Peace, Just'in Porn

Feedback Frenzy!

11 years ago

Hello again everyone! It's been a long, fun ride since we launched, and we've been learning every day how to make your experience on Pornhub better and better. We'll be launching the new version soon, and we're excited to show you guys all the great new features. We also hope to work out more and more of the few glitches that you've been letting us know about, but the more information you can give us, the better we can keep making this site! What have you been noticing when you surf Pornhub or watch the videos? What would need to see in the new version? Please let us know with as much detail as possible so that we can do our best to iron out all the details in the new launch. We'll keep doing our part but, as always, it is up to all of you to make Pornhub the best damn porn site on the internet. Let us know what we can do, and long live the 'Hub..! Peace, Justin

Hey everyone, long time no speak! We recently decided to reserve this space for important updates and figured that my daily musings were only marginally relevant, so I'll only be using your time here to let you know of important changes and updates to the site. Many of you, over the last week or so, have been letting us know about an increase of spam abuses on the site. Apparently there was one about some kind of phone sex line that had some of you thinking that your account was somehow hacked, and there have also been reports of friend request spamming. As we've been growing rapidly, it has been a challenge to balance an easy way for users to sign up with the need to screen out spammers and scammers. We apologize for this most recent frustration and are pleased to announce that it has been a terrific learning experience. We have recently put in place new controls to avoid a repeat of these types of spam bursts, and we hope that it wasn't too frustrating for all of you. Thanks for sticking it out with us, and long live Pornhub! Peace, Justin

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