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Pussy Power!!

10 years ago

Holla Pornhubbers! As a woman I have celebrated/appreciated porn for many years now, believing that it not only makes the world a better place ;) but hey, is also the safest sex out there!! Due to suggestions from Pornhubs lady members we have decided to change up our slogan. We will be changing it to, Pornhub- It Makes Your Dick Bigger AND Your Pussy Wet. I love that our woman viewers are being acknowledged on the site on a bigger level, because we are definitely here. Pardon my French but, Fuck yeah!! ;) Here's where I want your help. As of now the slogan is "It Makes Your Dick Bigger and Your Pussy Wet". I dig this; however, want to let you know we are TOTALLY open to any creative interpretation that incorporates the lady reference. If you come up with a line that rocks our socks I am willing to personally send you a super stylin Pornhub T-shirt OR lady tank. (I wear mine religiously thank you very much! ;) Pornhub It Makes Your Dick Bigger _________________________________. So show me what you've got! Muah! Jordan Pornhub

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