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Wow. I'm approaching my third month here at Pornhub and time has flown faster than a whore in heat. While I'm a huge fan of social networking (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) .I have never been a member of a Porn Community, nor did I realize that the members of such a community could be so tight (Haha no pun intended). Seriously, I spend a lot of my time amongst the community for one reason or another and have really gotten a good over view of your relationships. Not only do I see you bonding over incredible free porn, naughtiness in one form or another (m-m-m-m-m ;) and the vast world of sexuality, but over your personal lives. I've met cancer survivors, people from my hometown, (you name it) and have been a privy to some pretty vulnerable revelations. I suppose when people get together to share their love for something, whether it be Beanie Babies (do they still make those?) or Glorious porn (porn is way fucking cooler!) they get tight. Bottom line, porn Communities have more depth than I thought! Wish I could look back and recap the highs and the lows of the site, and community over the last year but alas, I wasn't here. When I first started off with you guys we were on the brink of launching our new Layout. While I wish I could say its launch was as smooth as a stripper's genetilia, it was anything but. The first week or two was beyond buggy (don't worry I haven't forgotten) yet many people in the community stepped forward (and continue to step forward) to offer up constructive criticism, encouragement, or even humor. Through Community members patience, and Feedback as well as the hard working team we have here at the hub we were able to get the site back to a place of functionality and are still working towards perfection. I LOVE all of the responses to our Slogan Contest, ' Pornhub makes your Dick Bigger and __________.' . Friends of mine from outside of the community come to read this blog and you folks had them cracking up. :) I documented each and every suggestion and sent it off to the big bosses. I wish I had news to report back but I am still waiting for a reply (fingers crossed I'll know by the end of the week). There were also a few Xxxmas slogans I wanted to highlight. Pornhub- Unwraps Your Candy Cane and Stuffs Your Stocking! User - Pureblood89 Pornhub- Makes Your Egg Hard and Your Nog Creamy. User - Maritt Shit, the holidays already all up on us (like whoa). Really hoping to see some XXXmas pics and vids within the community. I've already got a list of hot Xmas videos ready to post on Pornhub's Twitter account (cough cough -> @pornhub ) I think that's it for now folks, will let you all know when I hear back about the slogan. Happy Holidays!! Muah! Jordan_Pornhub

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