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As Ambassador of Pornhub I see ridiculous amounts of porn on a daily basis. Even before I started working FOR this site what I loved about cruising it was the huge variety of videos, niches, fetishes, and categories for my....entertainment needs. There's always something to match ANY mood I'm in (and trust me my mood can change about 50 times in one day!).Our videos here at Pornhub come from a TON of different people, all of which bring their own sexy flavor to the site. We pay close attention to who is uploading what, how much, when etc. It is not uncommon that my coworkers and I here at Pornhub are familiar with certain Community members, mostly due to their incredible contribution to our site. We feel it's important to recognize that contribution and hard work.I want to give a shoutout to the top three uploaders for the month of January! Along with linking their name to their profile (check em' out!) I've hooked up you with one of their sexy uploads from the month of January! Enjoy ;) In no particular order our Top Three Pornhub Pros' of the Month: Amsterdamxxx I'm a huge fan of Monsieur Amsterdamxxx's hefty upload collection. According to his blog post this users profile is laden "with the finest uploads in European, Russian and British Teens and chicks" Fapworthy? Incredibly.
3 Blonde Dykes Please Each Other brought to you by PornHub Nabs2410 With Roughly 1500 videos uploaded to his profile I'd like to coin Nabs profile as a 'Hot Stop' in our Pornhub Community. Describing himself as a "French boy with a big dick" his mad collection could keep me going for weeks.M-m-m-m-m-m-m.
Sexy Cora - Under Anesthesia brought to you by PornHub JJ09 Not only is JJ09 one of our sweetest and most involved members here at Pornhub his 6000 friends and over 1000 uploaded videos gives him a soft spot in my little Pornhub heart (and in my Pornhub pants). This dude is everywhere! :)
Savannah Stern brought to you by PornHub

One of my favorite aspects of Pornhub is the ability to upload your own sexy videos, to be your own Porn star with as much or as little anonymity as you choose. Have a creative streak? A dirty mind? Are your fucking hilarious? Well, Pornhub is officially upping the anti and is giving YOU the ultimate chance to use your creativity, brains, and even body to not only help the world in its time of need *cough* but to ultimately become $10,000 richer and get the exposure of a lifetime!! Think American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Americas Next Top Model... only for the #1 Adult site on the Globe! Through a 6 week video competition dictated by user voting Pornhub is challenging you to get sexy, silly, creative, go ape shit, dance, sing, or fuck your way to the big win. Entries for our Pornhub Pornhub Fever Video Contest will be seen by over 15 Million viewers a day and the Grand Prize Winner will be rewarded with ALL of the following (Lucky Bastard): - $10,000 CASH -AND their winning video featured on the front page of Pornhub -AND a 12-month Membership to Pornhub Premium -AND a Pornhub Merch Package Did I mention there are also runner up prizes of $250, $100 and $50 EVERY week? Wish I could Enter :( With that said I'm super pumped to see what you'll come up with! For full contest details and to enter simply click here: http://contest.pornhub.com/ Good Luck Fuckers ;) Muah! Jordan Pornhub PLEASE NOTE OUR PORNHUB FEVER CONTEST HAS BEEN CANCELED DUE TO LEGALITIES.THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR THEIR ENTRIES!!

1. Skeet skeet skeet The phrase commonly used when a person is about to unload jism onto his partner. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh skeet skeet skeet bitch 'I showed that bitch my oh face then skeet skeet skeeted all over her.' 'Did you see when I did her? I was all like "SKEET SKEET SKEET! Considering I have been single for almost every Valentine's Day of my existence I'm sure you'd find it no surprise that my growth is s-s-s-s-lightly retarded in the ways of Saint Valentine. Despite the retardation, what I AM clear on are my expectations for February 14th. Though I might try to downplay them their pretty simple! If it's Valentine's Day, and you're my man...something sweet had better be coming my way. Now it doesn't have to cost money (though I won't refuse something that does), it simply has to be thought out and coming from a place of love and kindness. Me and one of my friend and coworker's favorite saying goes something like this 'Skeet Skeet Skeet' Not only is it vulgar and catchy but it makes us giggle like school girls. While there are few things in life more enjoyable then quoting Lil Jon on your lunch hour... I have a sneaking suspicion that the ACT of Skeet Skeet Skeet is even MORE fun than singing it. Cumshot "Cum"pilation brought to you by PornHub Titty cumshot compilation brought to you by PornHub Though I'm terrible at math (and apparently Valentine's Day) I believe I just came up with a winning equation: SKEET SKEET SKEET + Valentine's Day = THE BEST SUPER EXCELLENT VALENTINES DAY PRESENT EVER!!! Bottom Line? While roses are overdone and teddy bears may be cheesy adding three simple words into your 14th of February may offer up one of the best Valentine's Experiences of your life. Free, personal, homemade and fucking fun to say! Skeet Skeet Skeet spells R-O-M-A-N-C-E. To All Skeet Skeet Motherfucker To all Skeet Skeet God damn!! Jordan Pornhub

Men Men Men

10 years ago

Because I don't like to discriminate (and because dudes just don't look good in booty shorts) I give you MY Top Three Favorite men's pieces from our recently launched Pornhub Store: You can never go wrong with a black Tee! Stick this bad boy on and show the world you have mad taste in Porn My Second Favorite in Pornhubs Men's Section is this simple white Tee! Down scaled Logo = Yes! Third? The Pornhub Baseball cap,cute,practical(for after sex hair perhaps?) What's super rad about all of these pieces is that they start at $16.99! Looking forward to checking out what your fav's are. Muah! Jordan Pornhub

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