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It's week two of our Pornhub Freaky Caption Contest!! Write a ridiculous or dirty caption for this picture and win free shit! Winner to be announced on Monday of every week!!

A picture speaks a million words (or in some cases burns a million eyeballs).What the hell was this person thinking? A little help, anyone? Write a ridiculous or dirty caption for this picture and win free shit! Winner to be announced the first Monday of every week!!

Generally when I sit down for a session with Pornhub, I'm striving to find the sexiest videos possible. Whether it's Fisting or Female Friendly that I favor that week I ALWAYS end up running into hilarious videos. Whether the humor is intentional or not I can appreciate these videos for the ability to make me laugh, or even for their WTF factor. It's generally my coworkers I'm firing these videos off to, but since the work week is fresh I thought I'd kill an extra 20 min of your Monday by sharing them with you. Thank me later. Enjoy Lovelies :) #9 Special Ed on the Farm, Where the Fuck is PETA When We Need Them Good ole' Milkbags. It's the music and antics at 15:50 that really get me. On top of the lovely horn selection I can especially appreciate the screeching cows in the background. I can't figure out what hurts more the thought of her beastly breasts violently flopping everywhere (ouch!) or seeing a woman in her mid thirties skip around in that outfit. Scary and hilarious. Scalarious.
Milena Velba: Milk Bags brought to you by PornHub #8 Surrender to Da Cock!!! Hahaha, I love the heavy breathing/slurping at the beginning of this flick. While the girl struggles at first she can't help but to surrender to'The PENIS ANIMAL'(Rawr). I find this hilariously random, extremely confusing, and admittedly SLIGHTY hot. (Come on...that is a LOT of cock).
Penis Animal brought to you by PornHub #7 Shut Up My Vag Has Something to Say!! This video is a MUST SEE for anyone with a profile in our Pornhub Community . Besides, is talking genitalia in a video anything other than a recipe for success? I think not.
penis avatar brought to you by PornHub #6 Hairy Pot-her Somewhere in Europe Bi curious Harry Potter fans are in their glory. Out of all of the scandalous Celebrity sex tapes I've seen as of late this tops them all,even though this isn't REALLY Harry Potter it's a mind fuck to watch.
OMG It's Harry Potter!!!!!! brought to you by PornHub #5 Pumping Iron in 1983 Leads to Clitoral Revelations Work it girlz!! It was the insane 80's hair and neon outfits that got my attention, what HELD my attention, however, was the monster clit on the Blond (again, RAWR!!) check out 2:48 and 4:35 to find out what I mean. I know I'm 23 but some things still make me giggle, like monster clits.
Bodybuilding milfs get pussy friendly at the gym! brought to you by PornHub #4 "Dude,You Are One Bitch Made Motherfucker" I watched this bad boy over and over. Pretty self explanatory (minus the whip cream). Moral of the story? Prick like behavior deserves a prick like punch in the face.
Hilarious porn blooper! brought to you by PornHub #3 I Think I just developed hatred towards women and an STI just from watching this Video Picture Fran Drescher from The Nanny Screaming "Ya Ya Ya Ya Yaaaaa YAAAAAAAA !!! huh huh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" While I find something slightly sexual about essentially ANY porn flick I was surprised when I found this video -2% sexual.Bad boob job, terrible voice and so much plastic surgery, makeup and hair dye that all I could think of was, what the hell did you used to look like?? Never mind getting turned on.
Big tits Candy Manson fucked hard brought to you by PornHub #2 What's New Pussycat? I now have this bad boy filed under my 'Tom Jones Section'. When I saw the title "Hot Tight Asian Beauty Loves Cock" I was intrigued. Video starts off alright, but then wait for it wait for it....at 1:10 BAM!! A Tom Jones 'Sex Bomb' remix! If whoever made this videos goal was to make me want to listen to Tom Jones while completely de-sexualizing this video, then it worked.
Hot tight asian beauty loves cock brought to you by PornHub #1 Miss Piggy + Eartha Kit + Pamela Anderson + 60 Year Old Woman = Well....This. This is more WTF then hilarious...thumbs up for shock value. It's hard to get a good look at this chick but when you do, whew!!Have you ever seen a 60 year old black Pamela Anderson impersonator? Take a peek at 2:00 and 7:40. She confuses and frightens me....most upsetting of all, that poor guy has to eat her pussy.
Fucked up face but huge boobs brought to you by PornHub Have a super work week folks! Muah! Jordan Pornhub

You know what I love in life? Easy stuff. Like 15 second microwave bacon, picture books or my personal favorite, receiving head. Another thing I love is porn, good porn at that and lot's of it. Considering I spend more time on Pornhub then in any other area of my life means I ESPECIALLY like Pornhub to be easy. I'm the grateful recipient of daily feedback from Pornhub Community members, Tweeps (i.e Twitter followers) friends and coworkers. I make sure to document all of your constructive criticism which over the last week has especially come in handy. I'm currently reviewing our community here at Pornhub and evaluating what features can be added or changed so that it's as user friendly (i.e. me friendly and you friendly) as possible. I want to take this opportunity to ask for your help in deciding what sexy, useful or different features should be added to our community. ANY suggestions or feedback folks? Lay it on me. Looking to make the hottest Porn site even hotter!! Muah! Jordan Pornhub

I see a fuckload of crazy shit in the run of a work day. Between overhearing confusing convos about trannies and seeing more pussy then Ron Jeremy, very little surprises me anymore. So when I came in this morning and was actually SHOCKED by what I found in my inbox, I was pr-etty impressed. Billy, Pornhub, congrats. Below is the video of Billy (i.e. Billy The Human Billboard) getting our Pornhub (woot!) logo tattooed...get this, on his FACE! For LIFE! Incredible!And I thought I was crazy about Pornhub. Billy was kind enough to hook us up with some pics documenting the experience. I like to call this album "I Got a Pornhub Tattoo in the Middle of My Fucking Face For the Rest of My Life Bitches!!" .Enjoy!

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